Universities serve as the government's think tank: Raisi

April 20, 2022 - 18:14
“Support for research is not a cost but an investment”

TEHRAN- In a meeting with university professors on Tuesday, President Ebrahim Raisi stated that university is a center for human development and production of science.

The president said guarding the dignity of university professors is a national obligation and directed the Minister of Science, Research, and Technology to pursue university professors' demands and allay their concerns, particularly in the area of livelihood.

Underling that university atmosphere should be the atmosphere of science, knowledge, and education, Raisi said, “We believe that supporting science and research in universities is not a cost but an investment for the development of the country.”

“Today, we are obliged to address the concerns of professors and satisfy them so that they can nurture the future builders of the country with high enthusiasm,” the president noted, recalling the high importance and status of university professors in the process of developing the country.

“Today all executive bodies have a duty to follow the universities and work with scientific centers.” “We in the government believe in using all the intellectual capacities and human resources of the country,” Raisi pointed out, describing empathy, consensus, and utilizing the vast capacity of the country's young people and academics as the best ways to overcome the country's obstacles and problems.

“University should study the issues of the country with priority and in a problem-oriented manner, and should provide the government with operational solutions on issues such as water, soil, agriculture, air, industry, employment, and new technologies,” Raisi underscored, referring to universities as the government's think tank.

“Sustainable and effective change in the government depends on everything being done on the basis of science and knowledge, and requires a deep and continuous relationship between the government and the university,” Raisi said, emphasizing that government transformation should be scientific-based.

The Presidential Centre for Strategic Studies, according to Raisi, serves as a link between the government and universities, mentioning some attempts at the center to develop a framework for organized communication between the government and academics.

The most essential approach to take care of the country's talented persons, according to the president, is to create hope through practical approaches. 

He suggested that students should be treated in a way that they pin hope on the future of the country to prevent brain drain.

The president went on to say that there exit precious motivations for the young and students in the country, saying, “Inside the country and at the level of knowledge-based companies and educational centers, attractions should be created so that students and young people feel that they have the fields for research.”
Ayatollah Raisi listed the promotion of human sciences as one of the country's top goals, saying, “University is a center for human development and production of science.”

“I have repeatedly emphasized in the government that instead of the university following industry, today all executive bodies have a duty to follow the university and work with universities and scientific centers,” the president added. 

“Respect for the dignity of professors is very important and both students and management should have such an approach in the university,” stated the president, underlining the importance of Islamic morality and respect for teachers.


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