Fars to host National Regional Music Festival

April 26, 2022 - 20:0

TEHRAN – The second edition of the National Regional Music Festival is planned to be held in the southern province of Fars from May 15 to 20, IRNA reported on Tuesday.

A number of the country’s top regional music groups are scheduled to perform their local music and rituals on stage, the report added.

This edition of the festival aims to introduce the purest and original types of Iranian music and music rituals while preserving their originality and promoting the culture of the Iranian people as much as possible to both specialized and general audiences.

Taking part in the festival will be artists from various Iranian provinces such as Lorestan, Sistan-Baluchestan, Fars, Gilan, and Mazandaran, as well as some tribes, and ethnic groups.

A number of workshops on regional music and local rituals are also planned to be held on the sidelines of the festival.

Iran’s regional and folk music is a type of music transmitted through generations among the people of the country, often containing a variety of tunes. The variety of Iranian folk music has often been emphasized, reflecting the ethnic and regional diversities of the country.

Usually, Iranian folk musicians are taught their art by their families. There are different types of traditional musicians who specialize in folk music in Iran, some of whom ascribe to specific ethnic and regional groups.


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