A review of social media

May 8, 2022 - 18:19

"Media, Persuasion and Propaganda," " The Village and Heads," and " Instagram: Visual Social Media Cultures," are the titles of the three books that Soore Mehr has recently published. 

“Media, Persuasion and Propaganda” written by Marshall Soules, and translated by Ehsan Shah Ghasemi, is about deception and media manipulation. Unlike other books in this field, the author discusses and criticizes consumerism and capitalism in a different way in this book. To make educational topics interesting, the author also has used interesting examples and practices.

The next book is “The Village and Heads.” Its context has been selected and translated by Mohsen Badreh, and it’s a collection of great writers and thinkers from all over the world discussing the role of social media in today's world. The book is divided into two sections: the political economy of international relations in the first section, and the political economy of the Internet and social media in the second section.

The title of the other book is "Instagram: Visual Social Media Cultures," written by Crystal Abidin, Tama Leaver, and Tim Highfield and translated by Muhammad Mahdi Vahidi. The book emphasizes that social media has created a new world in which almost everyone in the world is a member of social media. People's political, social, cultural, and economic activities are defined by their use of social media, and many things would be disrupted if they didn't exist. These media, in fact, create a new lifestyle for their users. 

It's also worth noting that the book's three authors are all excellent social media and cultural anthropology researchers and writers.

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