An interview with Somayeh Shariflou

The Most Beautiful Days of Life

May 18, 2022 - 18:24

"The Most Beautiful Days of Life," published by Soore Mehr, tells the story of Seyyedeh Fouzieh Madih's life and describes the tragedies of the imposed war. This book is now available for purchase at the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair.

The novel's author, Somayeh Shariflou, stated that the book is mostly about love, patience, self-sacrifice, and a sense of belonging to one's homeland.

“Despite the challenges, homelessness, deprivation, and loss that came with war, God granted Mrs. Madih and many other war-torn people tremendous patience,” she added. 

“Due to my own interest in the history of the imposed war, I began studying and researching this topic in 2002, while studying petrochemicals at Razi University. And it was at the beginning of 2017 that I received an offer to work on Mrs. Fouzieh Madih’s memoirs, which I accepted after considering the various facets of the project,” said Shariflou of when and how she began writing this book.

The book's author further stated that she and Mrs. Fouzieh Madih became such close friends that Madih once told her that she felt like Shariflou had been there at all of Madih's adventures.

The author of the book noted that Iranian women provided tremendous support to the warriors during the war, such as relief services, making clothes, food, jams, washing blankets, etc, as the readers would see in the story. “Moreover, despite numerous challenges, our country has patient, energetic, and enlightened women today,” said Shariflou.

Pointing out that we are approaching the 3rd of Khordad and the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr as a very important triumph for the Iranian people, she added that the moral of the book is to keep away from despair and weakness and to be hopeful and diligent. 

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