Iran prepared for dealing with any virus threat: health minister

May 23, 2022 - 16:27

TEHRAN – Iranian Health Minister Bahram Einollahi has said the country’s infrastructure for producing coronavirus vaccines is so efficient that can be used to deal with any other virus threats.

Iran has proved to be among the very progressive countries in the world in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Some 75 percent of people in the country have received the coronavirus vaccine, which is higher than the 60 percent rate required to create herd immunity,” ILNA quoted Einollahi as saying on Monday.

The minister made the remarks at the seventy-fifth World Health Assembly which is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 22 to 28.

The successful experience of Iran in controlling the pandemic will be made publicized at the World Health Assembly.

Reducing the COVID-19-related fatality to single-digit has surprised international health experts, as the United States and some European countries are still grappling with high rates of fatality despite all their resources, he stressed.

Previously, Einollahi said the successful experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran in controlling the coronavirus pandemic will be made known at the World Health Assembly.

The death toll from the coronavirus in Iran fell to seven on Monday.

In June 2021, Ahmed al-Mandhari, the World Health Organization director for Eastern Mediterranean Region, said the Islamic Republic of Iran is a role model for primary health care.

For the past four decades, its PHC network has aimed to ensure that people have timely access to affordable, accessible, and acceptable essential health services, he explained.

“At the outset of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Islamic Republic of Iran made its primary health care system a core part of its national response. This PHC infrastructure allowed systematic outreach activities for early case detection, contact tracing, and triage for hospital referral (if necessary) by community health workers.


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