Iran criticizes discrimination in global health

May 27, 2022 - 17:59

TEHRAN – In an address to the seventy-fifth World Health Assembly which was held in Geneva, Iranian Health Minister Bahram Einollahi criticized discrimination in global health.

He began his speech in the main hall of the Assembly by criticizing the existing health discrimination in the world and that the World Health Organization (WHO) has so far failed to address these injustices.

Einollahi earlier on Wednesday went into detail about these injustices and discriminations in a meeting with the Secretary-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom.

He stated that the COVAX facility, despite receiving the money, failed to meet all its obligations in a timely manner under the difficult conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Minister called on the senior official of the World Health Organization to complete the legal process for the approval of Iranian-made coronavirus vaccines as soon as possible. 

The successful experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran in controlling the coronavirus pandemic was made known in the seventy-fifth session of the World Health Assembly.

Stating that the country has been able to reduce the Covid mortalities from 700 cases to less than 10, he added that this success has even been considered by the world’s scientific circles.

Focused on the theme of “Health for Peace, Peace for Health”, the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly was held in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 22 to 28.

Last year, the former Iranian deputy health minister Alireza Raisi warned the World Health Organization of a ‘vaccine apartheid’ which ‘can be a threat to the global health’.

Raisi made the remarks in a meeting with Jaffar Hussain, WHO Representative & Head of Mission to Iran, saying that the world can become immune just through public vaccination.

The WHO official has also said it is a great achievement for Iran that the government is vaccinating every Afghan refugee going to the vaccination center even before receiving COVID vaccines from Humanitarian Buffer (COVAX).

Without any discrimination, Iran has provided various services to a large number of refugees and foreign immigrants in the fields of education, health, treatment, livelihood, vocational training, and employment, with minimal assistance from the international community.

The same happened for the vaccination when the country has generously considered refugees for vaccination against coronavirus.


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