Turin environmental filmfest picks Iran’s “Utopia”, “Savior”, “Earth”

May 28, 2022 - 18:15

TEHRAN – Iranian short movies “Utopia”, “The Savior” and “The Earth” will be screening at the CinemAmbiente – International Environmental Film Festival in Turin, Italy in June.

“Utopia” directed by Hamed Vaqari and Hengameh Safaipur is about consumerism. The film shows a man wandering the supermarket aisles with his shopping cart.

A drama on man’s relationship with animals, “The Savior” will also compete in the short films section.

Directed by Soheila Purmohammadi, the film tells the story of a little kid who is traumatized following the death of her mother. After the tragic incident, the child cannot stand the death of other living creatures. Her father is a fisherman. When the man brings home the fish, he notices that his daughter takes them back to the sea. She says she needs to save them as they are dying.

“The Earth” will be screened in the Ecokids category. The animation directed by Mohamadreza Keivanfar is about a little boy who finds garbage left behind by humans on his exploratory mission to Mars.

The 25th edition of CinemAmbiente, Italy’s most important event concerning environmental films, will take place in Turin from June 5 to 12.

The festival was founded in 1998 by Gaetano Capizzi, a part-time high school computer science teacher with a deep background in film and film history. 

He is the founder and general coordinator of the Green Film Network, an international consortium of environmentally-themed film festivals with 30 members on five continents.

Each year about 100 films are presented in various sections of the festival program, including CinemAmbiente Junior, which is dedicated to young people.

The festival’s vast program includes debates, meeting with the authors, exhibitions, book presentations, stage performances, concerts and other events in Turin and beyond.

CinemAmbiente is also plastic free since only recycled, eco-labeled, and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products are used.

Photo: “The Earth” directed by Mohamadreza Keivanfar.


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