Iran executes 4 thugs found to have connections to Mossad

December 4, 2022 - 20:55

TEHRAN - Four thugs who had been found guilty of having connections to Israel's Mossad spy agency were put to death early on Sunday, the Iranian judiciary announced.

The four convicted individuals were named as Hossein Ordukhanzadeh, Shahin Imani Mahmoudabad, Milad Ashrafi Atbatan, and Manouchehr Shahbandi Bejandi in the judiciary's announcement.

The four men were detained by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in June (IRGC). They were eventually given the death penalty by a court for both kidnapping and intelligence collaboration with the Zionist regime.

According to an earlier IRGC statement, the squad had received training from Mossad personnel on how to utilize combat weapons for kidnapping operations while being reimbursed with bitcoins.

The capture of the members of the gang who worked with Mossad was revealed by the IRGC public relations department in June.

The group used to kidnap individuals, steal and destroy private and public property, and force their victims to make false confessions.

They were instructed by a Mossad officer in Sweden, the Mizan news agency said.

The gang members abducted victims and collected bitcoin as ransom. They have admitted that they worked with foreign intelligence services and were paid to undermine Iran's security.

The gang network was connected to the Israeli spy service by Hossein Ordukhanzadeh, who had been in jail in Greece from 2014-017 for trafficking humans from Turkey to Greece.

Three other convicts who helped this vicious group were given sentences ranging from five to 10 years.  They helped the gang in kidnapping and keeping arms.

suddenly in a hospital despite receiving extensive medical attention and resuscitation efforts.

In the recent unrest, American and occasionally European political figures, their media, as well as the Persian media sponsored by the West, took advantage of the unfortunate incident.

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