Netanyahu’s sinister plans

January 1, 2023 - 22:18

Both Joe Biden and the Europeans need the role of Netanyahu’s new cabinet to confront Russia, Sharq wrote, quoting Mohsen Fayezi, a senior expert on Israeli issues.

The Zionist regime could not seriously elicit cooperation from Ukraine and the West, nor could it fully implement the confrontation with Russia. Fayzi believes that Netanyahu is on the path to manage the war situation in Ukraine in the right way.

In continuation of Tehran’s reactions to the intensifying anti-Iranian tone in the Zionist regime with the appointment of Netanyahu’s cabinet and the possibility of war, Iran emphasized that any country that cooperates with the Zionist regime to threaten its national security will be attacked by Iranian armed forces. 

Netanyahu’s cabinet will not move towards the military conflict with Iran, due to lack of power and potential, and the claims to attack Iran are just political rhetoric. In the new term, they will try to use their previous experience in the field of foreign policy to create a global coalition and consensus against the Islamic Republic, he predicted.

The increase in tensions between the United States and Iran has created other opportunities for Netanyahu. With tensions between Tehran and Washington escalating, Netanyahu is likely to encourage Biden to adopt a regionally deterring stance toward Iran, bringing Israel and Saudi Arabia closer together in the process.

The actions of Netanyahu’s radical and extreme cabinet can create a serious split in the Arab world.

Arman-e Melli: Oman’s effective role in JCPOA revival

The positive role of the Sultanate of Oman in resolving disputes between Iran, the United States, and the European Union, and on the other hand, Iran and the countries of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, shows that this country has a high capacity to cooperate with Iran in all political, economic, and security fields, Arman-e Melli reported in a note.

The publication considered the foreign minister’s trip to Oman and his meeting with the Sultan, as a completely strategic act with positive results.

Hopes have been renewed for the resumption of the Vienna negotiations, and the JCPOA, the report suggested.

In addition, Iran’s economic relations with Oman are growing and it seems that Oman is ready to have an economic partnership and trade exchange with Iran. The volume of commercial exchange between the two countries in the coming years will reach 5 billion dollars, Arman-e Melli predicted.

Javan: Commander Soleimani’s role in America’s failure

Martyr Soleimani was influential in defeating America’s strategies that aimed to shape new political and security policies in the region, conservative Javan publication wrote.

The Americans pursued four main policies to advance their strategic goals in the region, including, trying to rebuild their power in the Middle East, stabilization of the Zionist regime, weakening and restraining the Islamic Republic and, putting the axis of resistance in continuous crisis, the author said, highlighting Soleimani’s role in the failure of the mentioned goals of the United States.

The strategy adopted by Soleimani to defeat the American and Israeli conspiracy strategies, international attacks and propaganda, was a method relying on a set of public diplomacy, defense and security diplomacy, media diplomacy along with military and security tactics and methods, it concluded.

Etemad: No development without national understanding

Both the government and the people must accept that it is in real public interaction and cooperation that the country will be organized, progressed and developed, Azar Mansouri, secretary general of the Union of Islamic Iran People Party told Etemad.

She warned about current economic crisis, inflation rate, investment rate, employment, distribution of income and wealth, value of national currency against foreign currencies, position of the country in the world economy, lamenting that the international economic relations, the JCPOA and the FATF are not in a hopeful condition.

“We still consider public participation and meaningful political competition in free and fair elections to be one of the ways to achieve good governance,” she said, highlighting the significant role of national dialogue in solving the recent issues.

Vatan-e Emrooz: America’s reasons for continuation of war in Ukraine

The Vatan-e Emrooz newspaper analyzed the United States’ involvement in the Ukraine war.

Although the United States declared from the beginning of the war that it would not take militarily participation, it seems that this country is paying the costs of a full-scale global war against Russia, and every day it is more determined to continue this war, the author stated, asking, what benefit does the United States get from Russia’s war with Ukraine?

After the war in Ukraine, the increase in energy prices and the uncertainty of European countries in how to get the fuel they need, especially gas for the winter, it was the United States that established itself as one of the largest sellers of gas to Europe. 

The increase in American gas production has reached a figure far beyond imagination and has made the United States the first seller of LNG gas in the world. 

The next issue in this regard is the high profit of the U.S. from increasing the military budgets of the European NATO member countries.

Jomhouri Eslami: Be careful in foreign policy with Saudi Arabia

Jomhouri Eslami, in its editorial, quoted two different views of Iranian officials about developing bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia and advised them to be careful in foreign policy with this country.

Citing several examples of Saudi’s anti-Iranian actions, the publication considered making relations with Saudi Arabia as a detrimental to Iranian national interests.

Naturally, the officials of the Islamic Republic face complications in deciding how to treat this country. This is a matter that must be carefully examined by considering various aspects and the national interests to lead to a wise decision. Until reaching such a decision, everyone should prefer self-restraint over personal opinions, the author suggested.

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