U.S. is desperate to dominate global news

January 2, 2023 - 22:8

TEHRAN- Europe’s ban of Iranian media via its Eutelsat platform is part of a U.S.-led campaign to silence alternative points of view.

This is not just limited to Iranian media, over the past couple of years, news media outlets in China, Russia, Latin America, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and other countries have been subjected to censorship.

The latest measure against Iranian media was taken by France-based Eutelsat whose operators have a fleet of satellites serving users across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Eutelsat cited sanctions against Iranian media for its decision. The EU sanctions were imposed following the riots and terror that broke out across Iran late last year.

Tehran accuses European states of sponsoring the riots and terror. Iranian politicians have said that during bilateral meetings, they were told by their European counterparts that Western support for the riots and terror would be withdrawn in return for concessions from Iran to revive the JCPOA.

This is while European governments have allowed European-based Persian-speaking media outlets the freedom, funding, and help to support the riots and terror that the Iranian nation has recently witnessed.

The Persian-speaking news networks that are controlled by London and funded by Riyadh have been provided all the freedom to spread their anti-Iran propaganda campaigns.

We clearly see how when Western governments speak their commitment to freedom of speech, that freedom of speech ends with foreign media outlets.

They constantly criticize foreign governments for supposedly violating freedom of speech when the West itself has been violating freedom of speech.

It shows that Western governments, who claim to be democratic, clearly do not think their own populations are not smart enough to be able to hear a variety of different narratives and perspectives.

They do not allow their own people to access other points of view, and other sources of information, and not only is the West banning foreign media outlets, but they have also imposed sanctions on them and some of the companies responsible for these media outlets.

It is not just a form of censorship; it is an attack on foreign media to prevent them from sharing their perspective and sharing their information that has been censored in the West.

In Latin America, there is more freedom of speech than in the United States, yet Washington has on more than one occasion told Latin American nations that they need to have more freedom of speech.

What they really mean is that U.S. foreign media outlets should dominate the entire region and beyond.

It is the exact same scenario in Europe with Iran, using the same strategy as the United States. It appears that Europe only wants European media outlets to dominate the media with no other sources of information and no other perspective offered to their people.

The censorship of Iranian-based media in the United States and Europe is not only an assault on Iran, Iranian media, or the people of Iran, it is actually an assault on freedom itself. It is also an assault on the freedom to hear another point of view. It also breaks the rules of the U.S. constitution and European laws on the freedom of expression.

There are geo-political motives behind this. All the censorship campaigns against foreign media started before the banning of the Russian media outlet, RT last year.

It is an expansion of the U.S. targeting Chinese, Iranian, and other news media outlets.

All of these news media outlets have one thing in common.

They challenge the narratives in Western corporate media and they have all been targeted in the form of censorship or sanctions.

U.S. policy toward Tehran, which includes the constant coup attempts and the hybrid warfare that Washington is waging against Iran and the people of the Islamic Republic, is clear that the censorship of news outlets is part of the overall hybrid war.

The character of war has changed in nature over the past decade or two. The U.S. and its proxies are waging war more and more using unconventional means. Censorship, sanctions, cyber-attacks, information warfare, and psychological warfare are all part of Washington’s attempts to overthrow a sovereign government.

To put it very simply, the Western Anglo-American empire’s biggest power is ignorance. They try to keep their own people ignorant to maintain their own strength.

When ordinary Americans and Europeans do not know what is really going on, then the people can be tricked into supporting wars anywhere in the world.

To make matters worse, these wars are being staged not for defensive purposes but for the needs of the U.S. military-industrial complex, which is the number one employer and the biggest profit maker in the American system.

This system allows American warplane carriers to sail across the world and it allows satellite operators to censor foreign news media.

The censorship and other hybrid warfare measures are a result of being independent of the U.S. empire. If you are independent of this empire you are censored, sanctioned, and killed. This is how the world is being run today.

When France got the phone call from the U.S. to cut off Iranian media that counters U.S. narratives, it was done immediately.

This is what happens when foreign media cover not only a different point of view on current events but also research the past and publish the truth about the state of global affairs.

In an unprecedented move just recently, the FBI also seized the domain of 33 websites in West Asia that spread an alternative point of view to Western mainstream media.

In all U.S. media outlets, there are some indeed alternative points of view when it comes to domestic politics inside the country.

When it comes to foreign policy, there is no debate permissible.

Anyone who pushes for an alternative policy toward sanctions or regime change is kicked out of U.S. media very swiftly.

Some of the award-winning American journalists, who for example, argued against the invasion of Iraq have been pushed out of U.S. media news outlets.

If there is a news media outlet operating in English, that provides narratives against U.S. wars and its war crimes and sanctions, the consequences for these channels are very clear.

Iran’s news outlets as well as Russia’s and China’s news media outlets have all been punished, but also one of the world’s most famous journalists Julian Assange has suffered and has been subjected to torture (according to the United Nations' top expert on torture) in a maximum-security prison in the United Kingdom.

But what was his crime?

He exposed the actual crimes committed by the United States and its killing of journalists and civilians in its illegal war in Iraq. He exposed the crimes of the U.S. State Department’s publishing of internal cables.

Washington is trying to throw Assange in prison for the rest of his life. He is being charged with 150 years of life in prison.

It shows how the U.S. truly fears any independent media outlets that report on its foreign policy critically, which is why Washington has been so desperate to censor any alternative narrative that exposes American war crimes around the world.

And if any news outlets are based in countries that the U.S. seeks to destabilize, this only gives the White House further motivation to speed up its hybrid warfare against independent and sovereign countries.

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