Fatherly advice for Iranian girls

January 6, 2023 - 23:24

The words of the leader of the revolution in meeting with women received the highest attention of the newspapers. They put his remarks on top of their stories. The most important point of the meeting was the Leader's opinion about women and girls who have incomplete hijab, in which he said, "They are also our girls and they should not be considered counter-revolutionary."

Jam-e- Jam: Fatherly advice for Iranian girls

The Jam-e Jam newspaper mentioned the Leader's words in the meeting with women and wrote, "In the views of the Leader of the revolution, which can be called fatherly advice for Iranian girls, one should not be passive in the face of the Western commodification of women and emptying them of their identities. With such an enlightened view, one should defend the rights and status of women and at the same time, resolve the deficiencies that may cause abuse by the so-called claimants of women’s rights.

It is clear that the attacks on the Islamic government under the name of women's rights are intended to invent more excuses. Now, if we pay attention to the words of the Leader, we will realize that on the horizon of Islamic civilization women have a pivotal role, and honoring the statue of women in Islamic society will reveal the hypocrisy of the patriarchal system.

Arman-e Melli: Issues surrounding JCPOA becoming more complicated 

A political analyst on international relations says the atmosphere surrounding the Vienna talks are getting cloudy day by day.

Hassan Beheshtipour tells Arman Melli that Iran is unequivocally talking about bringing the 2015 nuclear deal – JCPOA- to a conclusion; European Union foreign policy chief Borrell believes there is not “alternative” to the JCPOA; and Russia warns about consequences of a failure to revive the JCPOA. However, the three European countries – Germany, Britain, and France – and the U.S. show no willingness to return to Vienna and clearly announce that in their view the negotiations have ended, Beheshtipour adds.   

Iran is willing to resume the talks but the other sides, though they send secret messages, apparently pretend that they don’t not seek a resumption of the talks, Iran’s former ambassador to the OIC notes.

“I think the U.S. and Europe are also seeking a revival of the JCPOA, but they have held back to see what will happen to domestic political issues (protests) in Iran. The American president says the nuclear deal ‘is dead’; Robert Malley says there is still room for negotiations. However, the reality is that the Americans are waiting to see the result of protests in Iran. The reality is that the JCPOA is important for the U.S., Europe, Iran, Russia and China. No side wants the JCPOA to die. However, due to the recent developments (in Iran) they (Western sides) want to get more concessions in the negotiation table.”  

He adds if the economic situation was good in Iran, it was not that much important and each side could continue its policies but “the economic situation is not good and we are facing numerous economic problems.”
The former diplomat goes to say that certain persons, who were basically opposed to the deal and even called it “treason” and “second Torkamanchay”, are now talking about restoring the JCPOA.
“In my view the logic of these person is that dialogue is good if it is done by us; dialogue without us is bad.”

Etemad: Treasury was not empty 

Mohammad Baqer Nobakht, chief of the Planning and Budget Organization in the Rouhani administration, has answered allegations that the treasury was “empty” when Ebrahim Raisi took over as president.

However, Economy Minister Ehsan Khandouzi had said the treasury reserves were favorable when the sitting administration was formed.  

Nobakht said, “If the treasury was empty then how could the 13th administration (sitting administration) pay the salaries of employees without creating monetary base.” 

He went on to say that if formerly talks about empty treasury was a “signal to the enemy” and as “sign of weakness”, today a competition is underway that seeks to convey this idea that the government and people’s resistance against “maximum pressure” and unjust sanctions was nothing “except empty treasury”
Nobakht said the letter by Mahmoud Vaezi, the presidential chief of staff, to Rouhani was that no money is left for “infrastructure projects which were in priority” and it did not mean that the treasury was empty. He said the copy of the letter by Vaezi, dated 9th Mehr, 1400 ( July 31, 2022), is available which was related to completing and implementing the water project to Abyek (Qazvin province).  

Jomhouri Eslami: Non strong will to resolve air pollution 

President Raisi has tasked the interior minister to follow up the issue of clear air by closely monitoring the performance of responsible bodies. Likewise, the oil minister is obliged to regulate the consumption of fuel in different sectors and prevent fuel smuggling.

The newspaper also said Gholam-Abbas Torki, the deputy prosecutor general for judicial affairs, has said four government bodies, which had been tasked to implement “clean air law” have abandoned their task due to lack of budget. 

Torki said the directors of the bodies accused of not implementing their duties have been summoned. He said more investigations are underway about the air pollution. The judicial official went on to say that in certain cases these bodies have taken certain steps but failed to do them effectively. 

Torki went on to say that the main problem is that there is no “necessary will” to resolve the issue.

Keyhan: Membership in FATF not on government agenda 

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance says joining the FATF is not by no means on the agenda of the “popular government”.

The focus is on countering money laundering and clamping down on financial support for terrorism and not joining the FATF, the ministry said. 

In another report, Keyan quoted chief of the Department of Environment who has said according to the Article 59 of the Constitution the government is obliged to implement policies in regard to the food health as people sometimes may consume food which would endanger their health. In line with this policy the entry of genetically modified food to the country is not allowed.

Javan: Do not take it seriously!

The inattention by some reformist newspapers last week to the third anniversary of Lt. Gen. Soleimani's martyrdom was criticized by the Javan newspaper.
"Basically, Soleimani lived and martyred in such a way that it is not easy to be an enemy to him and everyone loves him based on his own ideology," Javan wrote in its editorial. 

Vatan-e-Emrooz: General Soleimani's deterrence strategy

In its editorial, Vatan-e- Emrooz addressed General Soleimani's deterrence strategy and wrote, "The deterrence strategy of Lt. Gen. Soleimani to establish the axis of resistance, had a major strategic achievement, and that is weakening the U.S. role in politics and military battles and moving towards the creation of a new regional order.

This type of ‘combined deterrence’ had 3 main features: First, the combination of military hardware with software tools for mobilizing the masses and anti-foreign forces.

The American long wars in the region resulted in nothing but destruction, spread of extremism, and increase in domestic and international conflicts.

Second, there was a balance between existing facilities and strategic limitations caused by regional rivals and extra regional powers. General Soleimani created a deterrent force against symmetric and asymmetric anti-Iran threats at a low cost.

The third was the creation of an effective and innovative method of warfare in the regional battlefields, which is called ‘advanced defense’. In this method of fighting, dealing with potential and actual threats is done with the help of local forces and against the presence of foreigners in regional countries.

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