People are main supporter of Islamic Revolution, Raisi says

January 6, 2023 - 20:50

TEHRAN- Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stressed on Thursday that Iranians from all walks of life proved that they stand by the Islamic Revolution both in the past 40 years and even in the recent days.

At the massive gathering of Baharestan County residents which is located in Tehran province, Ayatollah Raisi remarked that

He said, “Baharestan County hosts a significant number of families of martyrs and veterans who are adored by our nation and we are all thankful to them.”

The president declared that the enormous people of this region, who have faith in God, love for the Ahl al-Bayt (AS), being revolutionary and upholding the Revolution and values, should be preserved and encouraged to grow.

He continued, "Those active in the field of cultural affairs should know that this capital is a great one that protects the people against all harms."

Baharestan's large population density, according to Raisi, is not Tehran's burden to carry, although at times it has done so as well.

"Here we have men and women who are involved in production work in numerous disciplines, and that is an honor for the region," he added:

In order to expand and increase job opportunities, the president emphasized the importance of government’s support and assistance for the development of activities and industries in Baharestan.

He said, "Unfortunately, city services in Baharestan have not been developed to the extent of this region's population density."

The population, Raisi stated, is one of the greatest sources of strength and blessing.

“We should express gratitude to the families that make an effort to raise more kids. The young population is a valuable and unmatched capital for the country given its vast resources and capabilities,” he underlined.

"In the meeting of the administrative council, it was determined to rapidly take the required measures to establish 10 schools with a capacity of 150 classrooms for the area," the president remarked in reference to the dearth of educational facilities in Baharestan City.

Raisi went on to say, “In the administrative council meeting, it was also resolved to construct a number of sports halls for sporting events in this city.”

Among other choices made in the executive council were implementation and follow-up of numerous programs in the domains of agriculture, production, communication ways, beltway, and other necessities, the president stated.

Raisi emphasized that the officials had already recognized and summarized the issues in this area before his visit. “Today, it is an honor for me and my colleagues in the government to serve the people.”

“All the efforts of our colleagues are to address the issues of the people, especially in the sphere of livelihood and economy. I told my colleagues not to give up trying to solve the problems of the people,” he furthered.

Raisi declared, "We believe that with the boom in production and with the men and women who work in the field of production, Iran is strong."

He also made note of the fact that more than 3,000 closed or semi-closed production units had been brought back into the cycle of activity and production thanks to government efforts.

"All our efforts are to make sure that Iran does not depend on other nations in the sphere of basic products and supplies for the people's table," Raisi continued.

The president underscored his popular administration's anti-corruption strategy, saying, “The government's objective is to firmly combat rent-seeking and corruption and cut off the hands of the corrupt and rent-seekers from the country's economy.”

In recent days, the Iranian people have demonstrated their support for the revolution and the established order, the president said in open reference to the riots that began in mid-September following the death of Mahsa Amini.

“We have witnessed displays of authority and honor in recent months,” Raisi said, adding, “The Iranian people have also demonstrated their determination to thwart any plots or conspiracies against the country.”

Thanking everyone who helped defeat the enemy, especially the women, Raisi added, “The enemy should be aware that all of its calculations, like those in the past, proved to be incorrect. The foe believed that the Iranian country was similar to other nations and might inspire dissent, but Iranians are intelligent people who will not permit the Americans and other Westerners to plan against the Iranian nation in order to further their own objectives.”

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