Sorkhrud wetland hosting migratory birds

January 21, 2023 - 18:25

TEHRAN - Flocks of migratory birds, particularly geese, have come to the Sorkhrud wetland in the northern province of Mazandaran to spend the winter.

The latest surveys in the current year put the number of migratory birds at around 2,000. This year, around 50 flamingoes have also migrated to the wetland, attracting the attention of tourists and birdwatchers more than in the past.

Every year, from early September to late February, Iran hosts rare species of migratory birds heading from the north to the southern countries due to reduced seasonal temperatures and food availability.

Among the various groups of migratory birds wintering in Iran, the largest population belongs to the group of geese, swans, and ducks and the smallest population of seven are the long-tailed ducks or oldsquaw.

The provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan are the first provinces with the highest number of migratory birds for having sufficient resources, as the movement of migratory birds is closely linked to the seasonal availability of resources.


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