OGPU: Ukrainian probe has not yet determined kamikaze drones originated from Iran

January 21, 2023 - 23:26

Currently, more than 50 criminal proceedings have been opened due to the use of kamikaze drones, however the Ukrainian investigation has not yet determined the origin of the drones. 

This was stated by the Prosecutor of the Department for Combating Crimes in the Conditions of Armed Conflict of the Office of the Prosecutor General Ivan Chizhevsky.

“We can’t say yet whether these are Iranian-made drones or not. A pre-trial investigation is underway.  It won't be fast. After all, the examination needed is not simple, but with the participation of specialists of a wide scale, who will be able to find out what kind of components they are, their origin. According to the examinations, the origin of these drones and the manufacturer of the components will be established," the prosecutor said.

"How did this drone appear in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, why is it called ‘Geran’ and ‘Geran-2’, why is it so similar to the ‘Shahed-131’, ‘Shahed-136’ and ‘Mohajer-6’?”

 “(In general), where are these drones being built, what are the delivery routes, who supplied them? The date and place of manufacture, what contracts were concluded, who concluded them - this is also very important during the judicial investigation, in the course of establishing all the schemes," Ivan Chizhevsky emphasized.

The prosecutor added that Ukrainian experts and law enforcement officers are assisted by international partners. The Ukrainian investigation has not applied to Iran yet.

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