‘Nouri verdict is politically motivated’

January 25, 2023 - 23:13

TEHRAN - On Tuesday, the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee held a meeting to assess the latest situation surrounding the case of Hamid Nouri who is held in Sweden on charges of being involved in prosecuting MKO members.

MP Abbas Golru said the meeting was attended by the committee chairman, other parliamentarians as well as government and judicial officials.

Golru highlighted that as of the time when Hamid Nuri was arrested the Iranian organizations have been pursuing his issue.

He went on to say that a special emphasis has been put on supporting his family and providing facilities for his family to see him. 

Based on an arrest warrant issued by a Stockholm prosecutor in Sweden, Hamid Nouri was detained in November 9, 2019.
He underwent a protracted court hearing procedure that spanned several months and resulted in his life sentence.

He was given life sentence on July 14, 2022.

The MP also stressed that Hamid Nouri's detention was unfair, and it is Iran's duty to oppose the procedure and the unfair legal system in Sweden.

“Nouri’s attorneys have denied all of the allegations made against him,” Golru continued. 

Golru said that Hamid Nouri's appeals court was recently conducted in Stockholm and that his lawyers did a commendable job of representing him. 

All of the witnesses who testified against Hamid Nouri in that court were members of the terrorist MKO group who also leveled charges against the Islamic Republic. 

Nouri's lawyers also made an effort to explain the terrorist nature of the MKO before the appeals court.

The MP stated that the Swedish prosecutor, who violated noticeable rules of international law in the court, was incapable of initiating investigations into the alleged crimes, and acted solely on allegations raised in reports presented to him in the appeals court. 

He went on to add that Tehran has urged the Swedish government and its judiciary system to put an end to this “politically motivated” process.

“Formation of governing body for Iran-Russia ties is essential”

Golru also underscored the need for a bilateral regulatory body to monitor the numerous capacities for collaboration between Iran and Russia at bilateral, regional, and international levels.

The Russian State Duma chairman, Vyacheslav Volodin, led a parliamentary team to Tehran on Sunday and Monday. During his stay Iran and Russia held bilateral parliamentary commission meeting.

MP Golru said in the Tuesday session of the Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Committee the latest status of bilateral relations between Iran and Russia were assessed.

The meeting was attended by Iran’s Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali, he said.

He went on to say that bilateral, regional, and international ties between the two countries have expanded significantly, especially as a result of the president's trip to Moscow and President Putin's subsequent trip to Tehran. 

However, he noted that there has not been a significant progress in economic sphere because Iran is not yet fully aware of Russia's capabilities, so the issue needs to be examined and new approaches to a deeper understanding must be found.

According to Golru, the most significant issue in Iran's ties with Russia is land, sea, and air transit routes, and the government must take substantial steps to address shortcomings in transportation and rail sectors.

He also said with careful planning, imports and exports from and to Russia may significantly expand.

Russia is an excellent market for exporting Iranian agricultural goods, building supplies, and many other goods, which might spur changes in various industries, he remarked.

Ambassador Jalali also stated that if all capacities are utilized, the problems caused by sanctions would be greatly resolved, according to Golru.

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