Iran never transferred weapons to Yemen: ambassador

January 25, 2023 - 23:4

TERHAN – Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Amir Saeid Iravani has reacted to a recent U.S. accusation that Iran transferred weapons to one of the parties involved in the Yemen conflict. 

In letter dated January 23 to the president of the United Nations Security Council, Iravani said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has never transferred weapons to Yemen in violation of relevant UN Security Council resolutions. Iran has always upheld its international obligations and any claim to the contrary is totally rejected.”

He added, “As has been stated numerous times, this unproven claim made by the US and certain states is based on false information and serves only to advance their political interests in the Yemen conflict. Therefore, the claim that Iran transferred weapons to one of the parties involved in the Yemeni conflict is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the US to cover up its repugnant interference in the Yemen crisis which resulted in a humanitarian blockade and unspeakable suffering for the Yemeni people. Furthermore, this unfounded claim will not deviate from the fact that the US and its allies are prolonging the conflict by exporting and providing massive weapons and military support to the region.

In addition, in order to further their political agendas, the US and certain states have consistently and continuously applied pressure on the Panel of Experts on Yemen established pursuant to Security Council Resolution 2140 (2014) to include such unverified and unsupported claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran in its periodic reports. This is done despite the fact that the Panel of Experts is required to carry out its mandates as well as its credible, fact-based, independent assessments and analysis in an objective and impartial manner.”

Iravan continued, “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s position on the Yemen conflict is clear and has remained unchanged. Iran has long advocated not only for an end to Yemen's war and blockade but also for the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the Yemen crisis. In this regard, Iran has fully supported the UN’s efforts to end the conflict, lift the blockade and provide immediate humanitarian assistance to Yemen, as well as backing the Truce Agreement and its extension. In addition to efforts for the extension of the truce, the UN’s efforts must be focused on lifting the blockade, ending the war, maintaining a nationwide ceasefire, and restarting a political process that can lead to the establishment of an inclusive government in order to bring this eight-year conflict to an end.”

He concluded, “Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always pursued a policy of friendship and good neighborliness with all its neighbors based on mutual respect, cooperation, and dialogue as well as the preservation of regional peace and security through the active engagement of all regional States.”


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