Chilling U.S. racism against blacks 

February 6, 2023 - 23:19

TEHRAN- One of the pillars that created the United States was the Second Amendment against Africans. 

The text of the infamous 27-word Second Amendment in 1791 reads “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

That was 1791 and you would think there would have been some kind of development in the U.S. since 1971, but there hasn't been. 

Racism exists today against the common black American in the same way it existed then and that was an era when the black community were forced to build the country. 

The Second Amendment was introduced in U.S. history to carry arms constantly amid perpetual fears of retribution from some of the enslaved Africans that were shipped to the country and exploited for hard labor purposes such as construction of U.S. roads, railways, and other infrastructure in a bid to push the newly found country to its capitalistic ideals. 

These fragile white populations could only rely on their bullets to protect white slave owners and other white communities from the cruel and barbaric treatment they were dishing out to the Africans. Other groups such as the Native Americans, who were there on the land long before any other white European arrived and were also subjected to unjust treatment, slaughter, forced relocation, and cultural assimilation among other racist measures, were almost wiped out.

These same white communities knew that if they did not have some kind of armament to protect themselves, they would face some form of retaliation from the enslaved Africans or the indigenous people of the land which they were committing different types of atrocities against.

This ideology has carried on for generations until today, when the same white populations, are in a state of fear over any retribution that would change the equation in America considering the widespread racism against minority groups, especially against black people, that continues to be witnessed now on our TV screens. 

There is no political will among the white population to make changes because again, there is that fear, that any kind of reversal in the power structure (where non-white groups gain equal power on all levels) would be to their detriment, so they hold on to guns to try and prevent this from happening.

The racist police brutality against unarmed black American civilians did not start with the brutal and gruesome attack against Tyre Nicolas, who died of his injuries three days after the violent assault. 

It dates back centuries but in 2022 alone there were 1,100 police killings, an average of three people every day, on average one of those people would be black, despite black Americans being an overwhelming minority group here in comparison with white people. 

It just further displays a disproportionate murder of black Americans. 

There is no point in sugarcoating it anymore, this is a country where it is acceptable for its police force (with the power they enjoy from corrupt white officials) to take the lives of innocent black Americans. 

The police murder of Tyre Nichols, like the murder of George Floyd, sparked domestic and international outrage because it was captured and released on video. 

On the same day that Nicholas was murdered, police murdered two other people. But those deaths were not captured or released on video. 

“The videos bearing witness to the brutal killing of Tyre Nichols evoke feelings of pain, horror, and terror that are tragically familiar to so many Americans. Tyre Nichols is now part of a group whose names we know — like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery — and whose names we don’t," Senator Cory Booker noted.

The last five words are important. We don't know the names of most black Americans who have been murdered by a state official force. 

If black Americans saw all the videos of the police shooting to death or murdering black Americans, there would be a revolution in the U.S. 

There is a corrupt U.S. political culture of militarism, violence, and mass discrimination. 

And there is no way for that not to trickle down to policing and the way it is conducted.

Some say Nicolas himself asked for police assistance after his car was involved in an incident but he wouldn't be the first black American to die after calling for police help. 
The nature of U.S. policing is such that the murder of black Americans is inevitable. 

Black Americans activists say it is a good thing that they do not have confidence in the police. And to make matters worse, most of the police murders that occur against black people in America have been reported as alleged crimes for minor offences that are not life-threatening, serious or harmful to anybody. 

The corruption here is that police departments such as for example in New York have a budget of ten billion dollars. That's a massive amount to go around arresting and murdering black Americans for minor offences or alleged minor offences. 

On the other hand, these same police departments have a very poor track record in solving the major crimes that the American population is most concerned about. 

The police are not in danger. The opposite is true. The black community is in danger of the police. 

Again, it comes down to corruption in America from the highest level possible such as President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the former President and his family, and down the chain of command. 

This is the same policy of corruption in the U.S. that saw a lawmaker dismissed from her post because she was sitting at an intersection of different identities.

Ilhan Omar was removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee because she is Muslim, a woman, and because she has pigments in her skin that are more than that of her white colleagues. 

She was judged based on that on top of the fact that she was born in Africa.

The Second Amendment in 1791 is what still keeps the white population in power today.

At the end of the day, no matter what statements are published from politicians about gun reforms, the Second Amendment will keep firearms in the hands of the white U.S. population. 

And this is despite the fact that it states a "well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This is what the American establishment will resort to when more deadly racist murders against the marginalized black communities emerge on video and real violence in the form of a civil war or a revolution takes place. 

The lynching of black Americans that was witnessed as early as the 19th century was overseen by the authorities in southern cities like Memphis, Tennessee and they did nothing to address it. 

This was the same time when black people in the south had to use different toilets, address white people with the title Sir and faced so many different forms of racial harassment and cruelty. 

Memphis, Tennessee was one of the hardest regions in the United States for black Americans to live in as they suffered and endured too much from white people. 

That was supposed to have ended with the civil rights movement in the 1960's which put the issue of race under so much spotlight that politicians were forced to address the matter of discrimination.

Then came the assassinations of many leading figures of the civil right movements such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. 

The brutal murder of Nicolas in January 2023 also occurred in Memphis, Tennessee in a reminder of its dark history. 

When you look at the wider picture, some would perhaps say things have slightly improved but if you speak to the common black American, they would say they face the same

struggle, injustice, and discrimination and that nothing has changed whatsoever.

Racial profiling with policing is just one of the many forms of discrimination that they face today. 

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