Greenhouses inaugurated in 45.5 hectares of lands in Sistan-Baluchestan

February 11, 2023 - 11:1

TEHRAN- New greenhouses were inaugurated in 45.5 hectares of lands in Sistan-Baluchestan province, in the southeast of Iran, on the occasion of the Ten-Day Dawn (February 1-11), which marks the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, a provincial official announced.

Mohammad-Reza Seyed-Hosseini, the head of the province’s Agriculture Department, said that these greenhouses were constructed through making five trillion rials (about $12.5 million) of investment.

“In line with the development of intensive cultivation in controlled environments, the Agriculture Department was committed to the construction of new greenhouses in 80 hectares of lands, fortunately, 70 hectares of it have been built and exploited”, the official added.

Referring to the achievement of top ranks in the fulfillment of the obligation to develop greenhouses, he stated: “Currently, for the construction of greenhouses in 700 hectares of lands, applicants have registered and are waiting for the process of selecting land and obtaining water permit.”

In recent years, the water crisis has caused serious challenges in Iran’s agriculture sector.

To solve this problem, several solutions, including the implementation of pressurized irrigation project and greenhouse cultivation, have been emphasized by experts and officials in this sector.

Iranian Agriculture Ministry’s Greenhouse Development Program is one of the priority projects of this ministry which aims at increasing productivity, efficiency, and water consumption management in the agriculture sector.


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