By Soheila Zarfam

All under one flag

February 11, 2023 - 22:20
44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution marked from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf

TEHRAN – With nationwide rallies and celebrations, Iran marked the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution amid renewed efforts by the enemies to bring the Islamic Republic to its knees. 

Iranians from all walks of life poured into the streets on Saturday to mark more than four decades of resistance and progress. From the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, thousands of Iranians gathered at the main city squares to show support of the Islamic Revolution. 

The rallies were massively attended by people of all ages and ranks, which nullified the enemy’s propaganda that is aimed at driving a wedge between the state and society. Despite the hardships of recent years, the Iranian people attended the anniversary rallies across the country and foiled yet another plot by the enemy to sow chaos and division in Iran.

Over the last four decades, the enemies of the Islamic Republic have done everything in their power to harm the Islamic Republic, but their plots have been foiled by the Iranian people’s support of the Islamic Republic. In recent months, the enemies pinned much hope on the wave of unrest that gripped Iran in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini. 

But as usual, the Iranian people overcame the plots and indicated that they stand by their government even during the harshest of times. 

More than 20 millions took part in the rallies nationwide.

In Tehran, huge crowds gathered at the Azadi Square, where Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi delivered a live speech. Standing on an elevated podium before thousands of Tehran people, Ayatollah Raisi said that “today is another 22 Bahman (February 11) in the history of the glorious Islamic Revolution,” according to a readout by the official website of the Iranian president. 

The Iranian president pointed to the issue of unity in his anniversary speech.

President Raisi stated that today is the manifestation of national unity, solidarity, integrity, epic and the presence of people in every part of the country.

He said, “Today, people in hundreds of cities and thousands of villages appeared at the stage not only with votes, but above votes, make a pledge with Imam Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the martyrs and the high and glorious ideals of Islam.”

He added, “Look at what seditions and conspiracies the enemies did in this one year, but how did the proud nation of Iran, the history-making men and women, identify the evil hand of the enemy, and appeared on the stage and shone brightly, in such a way that once again in the history of the people's revolution, they defeated the enemy.”

Referring to the brilliant achievements of the country, which have been achieved by the young people in various fields of science, technology, economy, defense, health, medicine and other fields, Ayatollah Raisi said, “Today, the Islamic Republic is in the first place in many fields in the region and has the best positions in the world; Our position today cannot be compared with the time of the oppression, which is the result of the Iranian nation's self-belief and trust in God.”

President Raisi stated, “Since the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian nation has gone through many conspiracies, the eight-year imposed war and the assassinations by the hypocrites, which killed 17 thousand innocent people and many officials and Friday imams in Iran, are part of this. But on the other hand, the Americans remove the hypocrites from the black list of terrorist groups; This is the shame for America.”

President Raisi also made an important announcement on the sidelines of his anniversary speech. He said in continuation of the pardons offered by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the government will pursue amnesty for cultural, sporting, and media figures who have been subject to restrictions as the result of their involvement in illegal actions over the last months. 

Ayatollah Raisi also said that unprecedented facilities have been created for Iranians living abroad to return home, including those who have once committed actions in violation of the law, according to Tasnim.

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