Celebration in Tehran, protests in Tel Aviv and Paris

February 13, 2023 - 23:38

 The Bahman 22nd marches (Feb. 11 rallies) was held in Iran while the country was involved in riots for some months. The enemies called the riots "national uprising of the Iranian nation"!

Simultaneous with rallies in Iran celebrating the Islamic Revolution’s birthday, a massive protest was held in Paris. About 2,500,000 people came to the streets and clashed with the police. However, France, the United States, the UK, Israel, and Germany played a role in riots in Iran in the past months.

At the same time, the occupied land of Palestine witnessed massive protests against the leaders of the Zionist regime.  Accordingly, hundreds of thousands of Zionists in occupied Palestine came to the streets against the prime minister and his cabinet. These protests have been held for the fifth consecutive week and this is while the Islamic Republic stands firmer than in the past against the propaganda of the enemy.

Arman-e-Melli: Mission for my country, even with a visit to China

Arman-e-Melli writes: The visit of the president of Iran to China is a usual one that is carried out to turn memorandums of understanding into to a contract.

Of course, China has signed long-term contracts with other countries in the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but these contracts are necessary for the second economic superpower in the world, and they are not against the agreement between Iran and China, known as 25-year partnership agreement, for further development of Iran–China relations.

For this reason, President Ebrahim Raisi's visit to China is important, considering the pressures exerted on Iran by the E3 (France, England, and Germany). And Iran should be able to facilitate its all-around relations within the framework of the 25-year partnership.

Iran is determined to continue the policy of looking to the East. Diplomatically, Iran should move in this direction. Iran has signed an important and a comprehensive agreement with China, and it is necessary to sign investment contracts in oil industry with China. 

Of course, Iran is facing restrictions in terms of banking transactions and this i the Achilles heel of developing Iran-China relations. So Tehran should completely resolve its banking problems with other countries.

Etemad: Cooperation with Russia and its consequences

The Etemad newspaper refers to the claim of Iran's cooperation with Russia in the Ukraine war and considers it a potential legal-international danger for Tehran.

Cooperation with Russia as a country that is considered an aggressor in terms of international law, and even its closest allies China and India have called the war an aggression and have not confirmed it, can be a threat to Iran's national interests, Etemad writes.

Taking into account the consensus that is being formed against Iran by the United States and the European Union, it is necessary for Tehran to take an active regional policy independent from China and Russia, give a clear answer to the accusations related to the sale of drones to Russia for use in the Ukraine war. 

Tehran should return to the JCPOA, even in a new form, and instead of pursuing an idealistic goal in the international arena, it should turn to realism and correct its wrong policies in domestic arena and put an end to many of the accusations to prevent a complete international consensus against the Islamic Republic.

Aftab-e-Yazd: Iraq is American reserve actor

In an article titled “Iraq is American reserve actor”, Aftab-e-Yazd writes: Like the dictatorship era of Saddam Hussein, the conspiracies of enemies against Iran, and pan-Arabism and anti-Iran thoughts are being promoted strongly in today's Iraq.

The influence of Western countries has been strengthened in such a way that now its leaders use a fake name for the Persian Gulf and strongly defend the continued presence of the U.S. forces in Iraq.

Recently, in line with the U.S. policy and in the name of fighting corruption and money laundering, Baghdad restricted dollar transfers to Iran, and in line with the tightening of American sanctions against Iran, and in line with the tightening of sanctions against Iran, last week a high-ranking Iraqi delegation had talks with the deputy secretary of the U.S. Treasury.

While Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait are trying to mend and strengthen relations with Iran, Iraq is now thinking of pleasing the White House.

Vatan-e-Emrooz: Iran's development opportunity by revitalizing North-South corridor

Iran has always been among the safest, shortest, and most economical routes for the landlocked countries of Central Asia to open waters, Vatan-e-Emrooz writes. 

By realizing such access for Central Asia, Iran will face with challenges and opportunities.

An access of these Central Asian countries to the southern coasts of Iran will increase cooperation between Iran and Central Asia in the ports of the Persian Gulf, Makran, and the Caspian Sea as well as formation of cooperation between Iran and Central Asia.

Weakness in multilateralism, lack of sufficient infrastructure and inability to provide necessary financial credits in Iran and Central Asia, and most importantly, the presence of regional and extra-regional powers, that are against Iran's interests in Central Asia, are among the main challenges to Central Asia’s access to high seas.

According to Vatan-e-Emrooz, an activation of the North-South international corridor in cooperation with regional partners can lead to foreign exchange earnings for Iran and the revival of Tehran's economic position in Central Asia.

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