People are the key to change

April 4, 2023 - 11:41

In its editorial the Hamshahri newspaper wrote about “change”. It said: Change is the extract and identity of the revolution. Change means mutation and jihadi movement but this important event can not be done except through the people; that is, the people of faith.

This is the truth that our people are the people of faith. They have proven that they are spiritual people after forty years. The most important sign is their resistance and the most important argument is the complexity of hostilities. But the most important problem is about officials who have failed to pave the ground for people's involvement in achieving success. Democracy is not only about ballot box. If our officials allow the miracle of the Imam's revolution, which is essentially religious democracy, to come to fruition, we will see how historical transformations will take place in this land in favor of the people and in the path of justice."

Farahikhetgan: Avoiding bipolarity in the issue of hijab

 In a report, Farhikhtegan discussed the issue of hijab and the plans of the enemy and how to face it. It is clear that that the anti-Iran currents have detailed and undeniable planning for a social challenge like hijab and are trying to turn it into deep divisions between the people as well as between people and the government. But what needs transformation is how to face this social challenge inside the country.  This means that officials are obligated to rectify certain policies and provide solutions to address social bipolarity. In one sentence, they should consider themselves obliged to prevent the realization of the plot by the enemies in this field by managing and preventing destructive internal factors in the social environment.

Shargh: Baku’s red language

In a commentary, Shargh discussed the relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan and wrote about the evil complicity of Baku and the Zionist regime against Tehran. The newspaper said: “Repeated warnings, the opening of the Iranian Consulate in Qapan city of Sivnik province of Armenia, the holding of the IRGC maneuver in Aras and recently the maneuver of Iranian fighters in the border areas of Azerbaijan are among the manifestations that indicate that Tehran can no longer act as an impartial observer towards the Republic of Azerbaijan.  Of course, these actions of Tehran do not necessarily mean the creation of tension or the possibility of war with Baku, but the Islamic Republic of Iran, while respecting all its neighbors, must also warn that it does not compromise with any regional or extra-regional actors in terms of realizing national interests and security.”

Kayhan: Slogan of the year

 In its editorial, Kayhan addressed the slogan of the year with a particular focus on economic issues. It wrote: “The wise emphasis of the Supreme Leader of the revolution on this issue on the one hand shows the role and importance of the economy in advancing the country’s goals; and on the other hand, it shows there is a lot of work left unfulfilled in economic areas, which despite all the emphases, naming and warnings, and despite all the efforts and significant measures taken in some areas, as expected and should be” the goals have not been realized.

Iran: Promises of Economy Minister

In its editorial, written by the Minister of Economy, the state-run Iran newspaper pointed to the slogan of the year and economic issues.  In the note, Khandozi wrote that last year was the year of rail laying and expressed his hope that the results will be shown this year. "We believe that we need a support plan in the field of food security for the people and we have prepared a written proposal. In the field of banking and monetary developments, we believe that it is not possible to get out of the current situation without revolutionary measures.”

 Vatan Emrouz: List of hostilities with Iran

In a commentary Vatan Emrouz listed some of the hostilities and conspiracies of the West against the Islamic Republic of Iran over the last forty-four years and wrote: "We have witnessed the sending of misleading and purposeful signals. It is broadcasted by enemies and their propaganda speakers with the aim of deceiving public opinion!  For example, some Western officials - whose inherent confrontation with the Islamic Republic system reached its peak during the riots in the fall of 1401 - claim that their intention is not to overthrow the system.”

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