Palestine developments revealed miscalculation of states that normalized ties with Israel: FM

April 14, 2023 - 20:59

TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has said that the developments in Palestine and the occupied territories have revealed the miscalculation of some states that got implicated in establishing formal relations with Israel.

In an opinion piece for the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper, Amir Abdollahian addressed the situation in Palestine on the occasion of World Quds Day, which was celebrated on Friday.

“It has become clear that the general state of aversion towards the Zionist entity has exceeded the borders of Palestine and the Islamic countries, as all the advocates of freedom and justice in all parts of the world have realized that the nature of this entity based on ethnic cleansing and bloody crime is a flagrant violation of human rights and an imminent threat to peace, security and stability in region and the world,” the foreign minister opined.

He noted, “Historical experience has proven that the nature of the Zionist entity based on occupation and expansion does not coexist with the security, peace and stability of the region, as this entity believes that its survival and security depend on its continuous malicious efforts to infiltrate Islamic countries and sow the seeds of discord, enmity, conflicts and wars between them.”

“The use of phrases with bright connotations, such as peace and coexistence, are nothing but deceptive attempts by the forces of arrogance to polish the image of this entity, attenuate the Palestinian cause and throw it into oblivion, and promote the normalization of relations with the usurping entity of Jerusalem in front of international public opinion, especially the Islamic one,” Amir Abdollahian wrote. 

He added, “Despite this, the developments taking place in Palestine and the occupied territories revealed faster than expected the political miscalculations of some governments that were involved in establishing official relations with this entity.”

The Iranian foreign minister said, “We are fully confident that the continuation of the brutal Zionist violence against the Palestinians will only lead to more harmony among the Palestinian people and fuel the flame of their determination and jihad against the occupation perched on their pure land.”

He once again reiterated Iran’s democratic solution to the Palestinian question, saying that “the democratic initiative launched by the Islamic Republic of Iran through its call for a general referendum with the participation of all the indigenous people of Palestine, Muslims, Christians and Jews, in order to form a Palestinian state from the sea to the river… can be a just starting point that seeks peace and puts an end to this Palestinian tragedy, which represents the oldest and most painful crisis in contemporary human history.”

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