Dealing with submarines is the new capability of Iran’s drones

April 30, 2023 - 22:15

Vatan-e-Emrooz discussed Iran’s drone program. It wrote: The Army is now equipped with air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, long-range and intelligent aerial bombs, and electronic warfare system as drones built by the Ministry of Defense were delivered to it in recent days.

This is in addition to the changes made in propulsion, guidance, control and navigation systems. 

They will allow the army to accomplish various detection and combat missions, as well as monitor land, sea and air borders.

Among the most important changes during the delivery were to equip the Karar jet drones with Azhdar (an anti-submarine weapon), which makes Iran a unique country among the few countries that can use drones to target submarines.

The thing that has been seen in recent days during the delivery of important and strategic drones to the Islamic Republic of Iran Army is part of a program that started two years ago and seems to increase drones of the army in large numbers. Thereby we have to wait for more important and extensive missions by the Army’s ground, sea, air and defense forces.

Shargh: To find out balance
 In a commentary on the visit of the Iraqi president to Tehran, Shargh wrote: Tehran is mulling ways to strengthen its influence and capacity, both in Iraq and Syria, to counterbrace the American side. For this reason, Tehran will try to achieve this goal with the visit of the Iraqi president and other officials of the country. For example, cooperation in areas of military, defense and security were emphasized in the Iranian president’s meeting with his Iraqi counterpart.  Of course, in this situation, Tehran will use any ways to create a regional balance in competition with Washington.

Kayhan: The trend and necessity of de-dollarization

 Kayhan discussed the issue of de-dollarization in an analysis. It wrote: Undoubtedly, the meaning of de-dollarization does not mean to completely remove the dollar from economic exchanges in a blink of an eye. By the way, those who make such remarks do not have a proper understanding of the issue or are trying to vulgarize the subject.

 Undoubtedly, the dollar has become the basis of global exchanges over decades and cannot be removed in a short time.  But are the countries that have taken the path of reducing dependence on the dollar unaware from the high intelligence of the opponents of the de-dollarization and do not see the obstacles they face?  The problem is that dependence on this American weapon (dollar) should be gradually reduced and it should start as soon as possible so that a part of our economy’s dependence on the dollar and its destructive effects can be removed. This is not the whole solution, but it is an important piece of the puzzle of economic reform, which some big real estate, gold, currency, and car dealers are worried about and will do everything to abort it.

Iran: Tehran’s proposals to Beirut
The Iran newspaper has discussed the foreign minister’s trip to Lebanon and its dimensions with the Tehran’s ambassador to Beirut Mojtaba Amani. The ambassador said: During his recent meetings, the Minister of Foreign Affairs once again emphasized that our country is ready to cooperate to solve the energy and electricity crisis in Lebanon and to transfer experience and technical assistance to construct, operate, maintain and repair power plants. Regarding political problems, initiatives have been designed that can remove existing obstacles to cooperation, especially as the Islamic Republic has always been seeking to help stabilize Lebanon and make it a strong country. Having a strong president can help politically stabilize the country. And from the Islamic Republic’s point of view, all Lebanese issues, including electing president and advancing the political process in the country, must be managed and resolved by the Lebanese themselves through dialogue and agreement between all political factions in the country. Iran’s proposals are definitely presented with good intentions and with the aim of helping to create political tranquility for Lebanon.

Farhikhtegan: Be the voice of the workers
 In an analysis, Farhikhtegan addressed the issue of labor protests and the enemy’s attempt to abuse them. It wrote: The authorities in the government and the parliament should take action instead of being unaware to the protests and provide an official platform for gatherings and legal protests in accordance to the Article 27 of the Constitution. The timely arrival of institutions to solve the problems of the working class creates the opportunity to use workers’ opinions to remove obstacles in a better way. Different institutions, by considering the views of the Leader of the revolution, see labor protests as helpful in order to become aware of the issues. So creating a mechanism to listen to the workers’ criticisms will create a situation in which their voices are heard and in this way achieve a complete understanding of the obstacles facing the production sector and improve the country’s economy.

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