By Martin Love

Greed is the downfall of Western and U.S. power…

May 19, 2023 - 21:32

The rare word “pleonexia” comes to mind. It means, simply, a psychiatric ailment of excessive, overweening greed that dominates the afflicted and determines most of what they are about, even as so-called “public servants” in government and who in fact rarely serve anyone but themselves. 

Take for examples a few names among many: Barack Obama. Bill and Hillary Clinton. Nancy Pelosi. Joe Biden…and hundreds of other power brokers and politicians in the U.S. in recent decades. Even young Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. These people and many others have become filthy rich or just rich during their political careers on salaries that are quite modest by Wall Street standards at least.

Ocasio-Cortez just a few years ago was a young 20-something bartender in New York City before she somehow managed to get elected to Congress as a young “progressive” leader. Obama was in the past a “community organizer” before he became President, and so on with a variety of politicians. Ocasio-Cortez has dropped a number of her “progressive” postures and is now said to have amassed a small fortune of over $4 million which must be the envy of over 98 percent of all humans worldwide. How so for her and all the others? In one word, they all succumbed to “corruption” as alleged, faux public servants.

Washington has few alleged allies left in a rapidly changing world that is fast moving to more balance and multipolarity.The most dangerous corruption at the heart of American governance has long extended itself to Washington’s fawning over Jewish power and Apartheid Israel. Part of this particular corruption is a function of the fact that Washington has few alleged allies left in a rapidly changing world that is fast moving to more balance and multipolarity. But even if the trend to a multipolar world were not so apparent, there would be little change with regard to relations between the U.S. and Israel and that country’s few supporters. For those with clear minds, and I have claimed this before, the end game of American influence and its Empire of Chaos has for decades been wrapped around its misguided, immoral fealty to the “only democracy in the Middle East” which has been anything but a “democracy” for 75 years.

Put another way, is there ANYTHING the U.S. has promoted in the last 30 years, various wars especially, that have not primarily been cheered and pushed by Israel and that country’s overweening influence on U.S. politicians to protect the bloody status quo in West Asia? A hundred years from now when historians look back at the disgraceful evisceration of the United States as once a great nation, they most certainly will point to “Israel”, a racist colonial enterprise and its demands, as the prime factor of erosion.

What the world witnesses now is the ultimate demise of the American financial system and the dollar, which in turn will in time severely limit the capacity of the U.S. “rules based” disorder to impose sanctions and war on others. The U.S. debt load is already well beyond effective management and unlike some other societies in the Middle East centuries ago there is no mechanism for periodic debt cancellation. The “pleonexia” or “wealth addiction” so rampant among Western elites has already led to vast corruption and to predatory and socially damaging practices which don’t appear to have any hope of abatement. One of America’s top three economists, Professor Michael Hudson, points out that in ancient Greek times the sage Socrates proposed that only non-wealthy managers ought to be appointed to govern society so that they would not become hostages to hubris and greed. But wealth addiction is very sticky and once wealth is acquired the maintenance and augmentation of it becomes an almost irresistible, primary aim of those few who have enjoyed it.

American influence has for decades been wrapped around its misguided, immoral fealty to the “only democracy in the Middle East” which has been anything but a “democracy” for 75 years.

As for Israel and the United States joined at the hip for 75 years as a grotesque team of parasite and donor, both countries are doomed to eventual destruction unless they, in some crazed effort to carry on as they have for decades, literally spark a nuclear war with China or Russia or both as their mutual acceptance anywhere continues to wane. In this regard the joint, reinforcing policies towards Syria alone are beyond frightful.

Syria has suffered horribly for over a decade and it’s hard to fathom why except that both Israel and the U.S. have wanted to destroy its government and supplant it with either total chaos or its own puppets. Greed for added wealth is clearly a big part of this. The U.S. has been stealing Syria’s resources for years. The only real threat Syria ever constituted has been ideological objections to Jewish Apartheid and to the theft of the Golan as well as U.S. soldiers occupying parts of the country in the east and allowing the Zionists to bomb the country at will.

For the past 30 years the U.S. and its Western vassals literally have not done ANY public good, not even in their own countries. Above all, the West has not brought peace and prosperity, but only various wars and crises, and corruption and rot in Western societies. Some smart commentators have opined that the literal end of the West’s ascent to world dominance over the past 500 years is finally ending as multipolarity takes hold.

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