Seventh National Development Plan unveiled

May 20, 2023 - 14:13

TEHRAN – The final document of Iran’s Seventh National Development Plan was unveiled on Saturday, in a ceremony attended by more than 500 government officials, experts, and scholars, ISNA reported.

Members of the cabinet, parliament members, First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, and Head of Iran’s Planning and Budget Organization (PBO) Davoud Manzour, along with representatives of the country’s private sector were among the attendees of the event.

Speaking at the ceremony, Manzour said one of the main features of the seventh plan is that it is problem-oriented and tries to resolve the country's economic imbalances, including budget imbalances, energy imbalances, and banking system imbalances, while increasing the powers of the central bank.

According to the official, the plan also places special importance on people's health and livelihood.

Stating that the seventh development plan bill has been examined and reviewed by the government's selected committees, the vice president said: "We hope that what has been prepared and unveiled today can meet the country's needs in the next five years."

The official noted that the plan has 22 chapters and sections, the main aim of which is to resolve the country's major economic issues.


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