Remarkable achievements of Iran 86th Naval Fleet

May 20, 2023 - 21:5
By: Mohammad Shaltouki

TEHRAN- Admiral Farhad Fattahi, the commander of Iran’s 86th Naval Fleet, has outlined achievements of the flotilla after a round-the-world voyage.

Admiral Fattahi emphasized that “the first achievement of the voyage can be mentioned as the design, production and operationalization of the all-Iranian meteorological software, which was developed by Iranian youths in the army and yielded fruitful results.”

“Secondly, we have proven that the Iranian products are totally trustworthy and reliable. It means that the Dena destroyer is an Iranian product that is 100% reliable,” he added.

The admiral continued, “Given the maritime diplomacy, one of the achievements is that the flotilla docked in the port of Rio de Janeiro to mark the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and Brazil.”

“Another remarkable achievement is that Iran’s flag was waved in the world’s four major oceans, seven seas and seven strategic straits,” he noted.

The admiral also said that “a unique phenomenon emerged in the cultural sphere as the flotilla’s commanders and staff were representatives of Iranian-Islamic cultural values.”

He added, “There is a huge difference between Iranian tourists and flotilla’s staff… I mean that when at least 300-400 staff and personnel were disembarked, this would steal the limelight from media due to the military and official nature of this entry. When it happens, the whole city and country can recognize that an Iranian fleet is on a mission in their country and will be known easily whenever they go.”

Admiral Fattahi remarked that “during the mission, we used the home-built Dena destroyer, whose capabilities grabbed the attention of other countries’ naval commanders and forces. This came as no surprise that all naval commanders expressed congratulations over building such a military feat.”

The flotilla, comprising of the Dena warship and the Makran port ship, had set sail from Iran’s southern port city of Bandar Abbas on September 20 last year for a global voyage. It returned to Iran’s territorial waters a few days ago.

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