EU Sets Aside Drought Relief Fund for Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan

December 9, 2000
ISLAMABAD The European Union's Office for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) has set aside a fund, worth euros 7.8 million, for the relief of drought stricken people of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.
This is besides the euros 5.5 million EU grant for alleviating the sufferings of the drought-hit people.
The drought, which has affected southwestern Pakistan, southern Afghanistan and northeastern Iran, is unprecedented in the past 30 years.
In Pakistan, the worst affected areas are Balochistan Province and thar deserts of Punjab, while in Iran, the Province of Sistan-Baluchestan is the worst affected by the drought.
In Afghanistan, Kandahar, Zaul, Farah and other areas in southern and central parts of the country are affected by the drought.
An NNI report said that ECHO aid will enable the victims to survive the harsh winter months until the next harvest.