U.S. Media Making Fun of Bush's Gaffes

February 28, 2001 - 0:0
TEHRAN A White House official blasted the American media for criticizing President George W. Bush for his numerous gaffes and mistakes in his public lectures.

Strongly criticizing the public media for pinpointing the mistakes of the president, an assistant of President Bush said, the American people do not attach great significance to the way Bush uses grammar and only think of his measures and their impact on their day-to-day life. In his public lectures, President Bush normally innovates some concepts which are grammatically wrong. Moreover his wrong usage of plural and singular nouns as well as subjects and objects are normally criticized by the media. The president's assistance said that the press conferences are not a field to practice grammar. They are meant to report on the country's affairs.

Bush's mistakes are so popular among the people that some American showmen regularly allude to them in order to make the people laugh. The most renowned showman of the United States has set a prize for the most funny "quotation" from the president.

Bush's recent remark that "the children should be trained to pass an illiteracy course" or frequently using cocoa for Coca have become source of several jokes in the United States.

Bush is known for his political ignorance as well. During the election campaign BBC showed the footage of his interview with an Internet site. When the interviewer asked Bush to name the executive chief of Pakistan, he said, "that general". When the interviewer insisted for the name of the Pakistani ruler, he said, "that general." And when he was asked to name the prime minister of India, Bush said, "I do not know. Do you know?"

There are several other reports on his gaffes. This is why his popularity dropped drastically after his public meetings. But certain circles had decided to make him president. This is why in an election, unprecedented in the U.S. history, he became the president. The fairness of the election is still under question.