Shiraz, City of Ancient Glories, Magnificent Poets and Historical Monuments

March 10, 2001 - 0:0
TEHRAN One of the most beautiful, interesting and charming cities of Iran is the southwestern city of Shiraz, the city of poets, ancient glories and historical monuments.

Shiraz attracts millions of Iranian and foreign tourists every year. Most tourists visit the city to see its magnificent monuments and historical sites. Most tourists just want to enjoy the beautiful sites of this city.

British, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Spanish nationals are among the tourists who visit Shiraz.

Shiraz is one of the cultural centers of Iran and possesses about 60 monuments, such as the Tomb of Hafez, Holy Shrine of Shah Cheragh, the Tomb of Sa'di, Karim Khan Cultural Complex, which includes Karim Khan's Citadel, Vakil's Bazaar, Vakil's Bath, Vakil's Mosque, Saray-e Moshir, Nazar Garden, Qoran Gate and several other monuments.

One of the most important archaeological sites of Iran is the ancient capital Persepolis, located near the city of Shiraz. Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam and Pasargadae are three magnificent ancient sites of Fars Province.

Some tourists complain that high fees are charged to visit historical monuments in Iran, but the fact is that compared with entrance fees in other parts of the world, the fees in Iran are quite reasonable. However, the real problem facing tourists is the lack of comprehensive guidebooks for monuments and tourist attractions in Shiraz and other cities.

Furthermore, the poor transportation from this city to remote tourist sites also causes some inconvenience for the visitors.

Shiraz has been the hub of Iranian culture and civilization since ancient times, attracting tourists from other nations in the course of history. It is the duty of relevant officials to try to solve the above problems and promote tourism to this great city.