Zoroastrian Religious Rituals Held in Yazd

June 20, 2001 - 0:0
TEHRAN Zoroastrian religious rituals were held in Yazd and Ardekan, central Iran. Some 6,500 Zoroastrians attended the ceremony.

Some 220 Zoroastrians from Spain, India, Pakistan and Canada also attended the ceremony.

In the Zoroastrian rituals that were held June 14-18, after reciting verses of the Avesta and praying to Ahura Mazda, they prayed for the longevity of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and for the honor of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Every year, Zoroastrians from all over the world gather in Pir Sabz (Ancient Green), a holy place in Yazd and celebrate religious rituals for five days.

Meanwhile, Iranian Zoroastrian priest Mobed Oshidari said Monday that one should accept the fact that in addition to natural disasters, an important element of the factors disrupting the environment (in different areas) is caused by man himself.

Oshidari told the International Seminar on the Environment, Religion and Culture that Zoroastrians have enjoined against the spoiling of air, water, earth and fire as well as the environment since ancient times.

He said that whatever is in the sky (the sun, moon, stars, etc.) and earth (water, flora, fauna, fire, metal, etc.) are celebrated and prayer is made to each of their representative angels, through whom the Compassionate Creator is thus praised for His bounty.

The Lord is praised in gratitude for brightness, waters, plants and vegetables and beasts of burden, he said.

He said the holy book of Zoroastrians, Avesta, holds the four elements of air, water, earth and fire in such an esteem that there are some special invocations for them.