Qods Conference Calls Muslims to Support Palestinian, Lebanese Movements

April 6, 1998 - 0:0
Mecca The Qods Conference here which was attended by Muslims from across the world called on all Muslim States to support the Lebanese and Palestinian Freedom Movements. The participants in the Qods conference included Ulema and pilgrims from Lebanon, Palestine, Iran and other Asian countries. Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, the secretary of the Guardian Council of Iranian Constitution, in his speech at the conference said ," As far as there are plots by enemies against Muslims, and as long as their wealth is plundered, Jihad must continue against the enemies." Imam Khomeini revived the concept of Jihad, he said adding, Muslim countries resist against enemy plots because they are inspired by the Islamic Revolution. Expressing Irans support for the Lebanese movement, Jannati said," The Islamic movement in Lebanon resists the U.S. and Zionist pressures.The whole Muslim world supports this movement, he said.

Under the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei, the Islamic Revolution is marching forward and the divine promise for the victory of the oppressed over the oppressors will be materialized in Lebanon, he said. During the Hajj ceremonies Muslims should express their support for the Palestinian people. If there were no resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, the Zionist regime would destroy other Muslim countries in the region, he said.

Therefore, all Muslims should equally support the Islamic resistence in Palestine and Lebanon. Referring to the disavowal of pagans, he said, this is the best opportunity for expressing hatred against the Zoinist regime. Disavowal of pagan is part of Hajj rituals which remind Muslims that they should not submit to enemies, he emphasized.