Renovation of Twelve Historical Buildings in Boroujerd

October 29, 2002 - 0:0
TEHRAN -- Renovation of 12 historical and cultural buildings has recently started in Boroujerd, said the Chairman of Boroujerd Cultural Heritage Department, Mohammad Moqaddas Ja'fari, in an interview with IRNA, on Monday.

By allocating Rls.140 million from the emergency fund, renovation of these historical buildings which include seven mosques, shrine and religious sites, two schools, one bridge and two castles, has commenced.

According to Ja'fari, the historical monuments of Boroujerd, include ancient buildings with precedence of more than 1000 years, such as Jaame' Mosque, which was a fire temple in the pre-Islamic era as well as Imam Khomeini High School.

Imam Khomeini High School was the first center of education in the western part of the country, with an area of 3,700 square meters and an Iranian-German combined architecture.

He noted that for the renovation of Boroujerd historical buildings, one billion and 200 million rials should be allocated.

Finally, he pinpointed that 200 historical monuments have been identified in Boroujerd, to date, with 22 of them registered in the National Heritage Listing.