• An undated photo released by IRNA depicts people visiting an enormous mansion set within the well-manicured Narenjestan garden, itself a major tourist destination in Shiraz, southern Iran. 2017-07-09 08:47

    Narenjestan garden, a tourist hotspot in Shiraz

    An undated photo released by IRNA depicts people visiting an enormous mansion set within the well-manicured Narenjestan garden, itself a major tourist destination in Shiraz, southern Iran.

  • Centuries-old cisterns on Iran’s Qeshm Island, southern Iran 2017-07-08 18:56

    Qeshm cisterns nominated for UNESCO prize

    TEHRAN – An innovative approach to revive ancient water structures on the Persian Gulf island of Qeshm in southern Iran has been nominated for the 2017 UNESCO Prize on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

  • A traditional marketplace in Rasht, northern Iran 2017-07-04 09:30

    Iran attends UNESCO annual assembly on creative cities

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization Deputy Director Bahman Namvar-Motlaq participated in the 12th annual meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), which was held in Enghien-les-Bains, a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris, from June 29 to July 2.

  • ثبت یونسکو 2017-07-03 18:35

    Iran takes step closer to register new World Heritage sites

    TEHRAN - Iran is further moving towards possible inscription of two new sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list as it has recently submitted associated dossiers to the famed international organization.

  • The skyline of Yazd, a historical city in central Iran that embraces rich cultural heritage and traditional architecture. 2017-07-02 19:50

    UNESCO starts assessing Iran’s Yazd for World Heritage

    TEHRAN - The UNESCO World Heritage Committee on Sunday commenced assessing 35 nominees, including Iran’s historical city of Yazd, for possible inscription on the World Heritage list.

  • A view of Meybod’s traditional Kalar cistern, the adobe water reservoir is surmounted by several wind towers. 2017-07-02 08:51

    Iran pursues World Heritage listing for Meybod

    TEHRAN – The Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization is following up on possible inscription of the central city of Meybod, Yazd province, and its cultural landscape on the UNESCO World Heritage list by 2020.

  •  A file photo shows people visiting the three-story Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd, central Iran. 2017-07-01 19:36

    Explore fascinating wonders of Iran with The Telegraph tours

    TEHRAN – The Telegraph in close collaboration with Wild Frontiers is set to embark on all-inclusive package tours to Iran in 2018 in a manner that offers sightseers a deeper soaking up into the history and culture of the ancient land.

  • Italian marathon runner Paolo Venturini in an undated photo. 2017-06-23 10:37

    Italian runner to defy Iran’s hot desert with eye on world record

    TEHRAN – Italian marathon runner Paolo Venturini is slated to run across Iran’s Lut Desert, known as the hottest spot on Earth, to try and set a Guinness World Record, Mehr reported on Tuesday.

  • An undated photo shows a circle of foreign and domestic visitors to the ruins of Persepolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site in southern Iran. 2017-06-21 17:32

    Iran sets sights on 6.5m foreign tourist arrivals

    TEHRAN – Iran aims to draw some 6.5 million foreign travelers by the end of the current calendar year 1396 (March 20, 2018), though the country’s tourism infrastructure and public services are in need to be improved, a senior tourism official said on Monday.

  •  Foreign traverses are seen during their visit to the Tabātabāei House, 19th-century tourist destination in Kashan, Iran. 2017-06-20 09:42

    Kashan tourist arrivals rise 62% y/y

    TEHRAN - The number of foreign tourists visiting the central city of Kashan rose 62 percent to 16,300 during April 4 to June 5 in comparison to the same period last year, IRNA reported on Saturday.

  • Picture depicts a detail of Iranian historical relics repatriated from Belgium, Italy and the U.S. during an exhibit at the National Museum of Iran on February 6, 2017. 2017-06-10 18:01

    ICOM to draw up Iranian antiquities ‘red list’

    TEHRAN – The Iranian National Committee for ICOM (the International Council of Museums) aims to make a red list of nationwide historical relics and cultural objects that are highly at risk of damage, missing, or smuggling.

  • The skyline of Yazd, a historical city in central Iran that embraces rich cultural heritage and traditional architecture. 2017-05-27 18:56

    UNESCO World Heritage Committee to put Yazd to vote in July

    TEHRAN – The ancient city of Yazd, central Iran, will be assessed as a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list during the 41st session of the World Heritage Committee, which will be held on July 2-12 in Krakow, Poland.

  • The ruins of Sassanid-era Bishapur Royal Palace in Fars province 2017-05-27 18:55

    UNESCO experts to assess Iran’s natural, historical sites

    TEHRAN – A delegation of the UNESCO World Heritage specialists is scheduled to travel to Iran in summer in order to assess Arasbaran Protected Area in the northeast and the Ensemble of Historical Sassanid Cities in the south of the country.

  • A Westerner couple pose for a photo at the UNESCO-registered Imam Square in Isfahan on November 9, 2016. The Safavid-era Ali Qapu Palace in seen in the background. 2017-05-25 14:17

    Isfahan marks monthly record for tourist visits

    Isfahan province hosted 123,000 foreign tourists in Ordibehesht - the second Iranian calendar month (April 21 – May 21) - the provincial tourism chief Rasoul Zargarpour said on Tuesday.

  • Tourists walk through the Persepolis archeological site in southern Iran. It was a ceremonial capital of Persian Achaemenid Empire (c. 550–330 BC). 2017-05-22 20:31

    Travelers find absolute bargains whilst trekking in Iran

    TEHRAN – Iran is extraordinarily easy on the wallet since travel costs including the ones for food, accommodation and transportation are fairly low.

  • A man fills his sacks with damask roses he picks on the outskirts of Kashan May 3, 2017. 2017-05-17 19:52

    Rosewater festivals take center stage in central Iran

    TEHRAN - Each spring rosewater distillation ceremonies, known as Golab-giri, take center stage in central Iran, drawing tens of thousands of visitors to the city of Kashan and its neighboring towns and villages from early May to mid-June.

  • A view of the UNESCO-inscribed historical bazaar in Tabriz 2017-05-14 09:27

    Museum of bazaar and occupations opens in Tabriz

    TEHRAN – A three-story museum complex dedicated to traditional bazaar (marketplace) of Tabriz and its associated occupations has opened its doors to the public in the northwestern Iranian city.

  • Arg-e Bam 2017-05-13 15:36

    Arg-e Bam, an architectural masterpiece

    The Arg-e Bam citadel, located in Bam, a city in the southeastern province of Kerman, can be traced back to the sixth century B.C. It was the largest adobe monument in the world made of unbaked clay bricks. But a major quake seriously damaged it in 2003. However, experts are rebuilding the architectural masterpiece. Bam and its Cultural Landscape is listed by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage Site. Tehran Times / Asghar Khamseh

  • People visit the 14th-centuruy Mausoleum of Oljaytu, a UNESCO site located in Soltaniyeh, Zanjan province 2017-05-08 21:26

    Mausoleum of Oljaytu reveals 14th-century Persian architecture

    TEHRAN – A UNESCO World Heritage site, the 14th-century Mausoleum of Oljaytu is highly recognized as an architectural masterpiece particularly due to its innovative double-shelled dome and elaborate interior decoration.

  • Ayatollah Khamenei 2017-05-07 20:30

    Leader urges huge turnout to secure Iran against enemies

    TEHRAN – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called for a massive turnout in the upcoming presidential election, saying the presence of the people would strengthen the country against its enemies.

  • An undated photo depicts a man snapping photos at the picturesque Chahkooh Canyon on Qeshm Island. 2017-05-06 20:15

    Iran’s Qeshm Island becomes UNESCO Global Geopark

    TEHRAN – The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has registered Iran’s southern Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf on its Global Geoparks list.

  • A patchwork of traditional Iranian vessels meticulously inlaid with enamel 2017-05-04 11:43

    Exemplary Iranian craftspeople honored

    TEHRAN – A number of exemplary Iranian craftspeople were honored in a ceremony, which was hosted by the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization in Tehran on Tuesday.

  • Esther Kuisch Laroche 2017-05-03 17:55

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    We cannot afford to waste wastewater: UNESCO representative to Iran

    TEHRAN — “At the time when demand is growing and limited resources are increasingly stressed by over extraction, pollution and climate change, we simply cannot neglect the opportunities from improved wastewater management; we cannot afford to waste wastewater,” said UNESCO representative to Iran on Tuesday.

  • An undated photo depicts people visiting the UNESCO-inscribed Imam Square in Isfahan, central Iran. The 17th-century square is bordered on all sides by monumental buildings linked by a series of two-s 2017-05-02 09:13

    Isfahan’s foreign tourist arrivals break 40-year-record

    TEHRAN – Some 85 thousand foreign travelers visited Isfahan during the first Iranian month of Farvardin (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20), setting a new record for the past 40 years, Isfahan Governor General says.

  • A poster for the 3rd International ECO-Silk Road Food Festival 2017-05-01 18:59

    12 countries to attend Zanjan gastronomy festival

    TEHRAN – The historical city of Zanjan, northwestern Iran, will play host to the 3rd International ECO-Silk Road Food Festival with the theme of “Together for Sustainable Tourism” from May 10 to 12. ECO stands for Economic Cooperation Organization.

  •  Photo shows a collection of Iranian potteries that are meticulously inlaid with enamel 2017-04-22 18:10

    Annual handicraft exports at $237m: tourism chief

    TEHRAN – Iran exported $237 million of handicrafts in the past Iranian calendar year, which ended on March 20, IRNA quoted the head of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization as saying.

  • A view of the UNESCO-registered Saint Thaddeus Monastery on the outskirts of Maku in northwast Iran. 2017-04-20 11:13

    Maku seeks World Heritage listing for historic sites

    TEHRAN – Maku, a northwestern Iranian city teemed with abundant historical places and natural beauties, keeps an eye on possible inscription of its sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2021.

  • Golden Eagle passengers arrive in Isfahan on April 12, 2017. 2017-04-18 12:18

    Intl. tourists aboard Golden Eagle visit World Heritage sites in Iran

    TEHRAN – On Saturday, a group of foreign tourists aboard a Golden Eagle luxury train, known as a 5-star hotel on wheels, visited three UNESCO World Heritage sites, which are scattered across Khuzestan Province in southwest Iran.

  • َA poster for “Iran, Ancient Culture between Water and Desert” exhibit in Bonn, Germany 2017-04-13 02:52

    Prehistoric Iran, Persian Garden under spotlight at German museum

    TEHRAN – Separate exhibitions on Iran’s prehistoric cultural heritage and Persian Garden open to the public today at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany -- Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland – in Bonn.

  • An undated photo shows a circle of foreign and domestic travelers visiting the ruins of Persepolis in southern Iran. 2017-04-12 17:49

    Iran moves up in travel and tourism competitiveness rankings

    TEHRAN - Iran ranked 93rd out of 136 countries in the 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, jumping four positions in the biennial report released by the World Economic Forum.