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  • International Quds Day 2019-06-02 10:55

    By Yusuf Abdullah

    The International Quds Day

    NIGERIA - In the name of Allah who states "Glory be to Him Who made His servant go on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which We have blessed the precincts, so that We may show to him some of our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing" Q17:1

  • Najeeb Maigatari 2019-06-01 11:51

    By Najeeb Maigatari

    Understanding the Israeli occupation of Palestine

    NIGERIA/ JIGAWA - The idea of nation and nationalism came of age during the early nineteenth century and the trend started with the establishment of a modern state in Western Europe. Until then, the predominant form of political organization in the world was ‘premodern’ in nature, formally the empire state. It was the European aspiration to colonize and dominate most of the countries, in part which it actually did; that awakened the people to the idea of depending their nations (nationalism).

  • Iran 2019-05-29 12:59

    By Martin Love

    Iran’s potentials despite economic sanctions must be realized eventually

    NORTH CAROLINA - From afar one can’t help thinking about how lucky Iran really is in many respects. I mean this sincerely.

  • U.S. - Iran 2019-05-28 15:18

    By Martin Love

    There are good reasons why Iran won’t fold to U.S. extremism

    TEHRAN - President Donald Trump claims the vast Military Industrial Complex, otherwise known as the MIC, which has become everything Eisenhower in 1960 warned against, is somehow “pressuring” him in to war on Iran.

  • بورس نفت 2019-05-24 10:45

    By Mahmood Khaghani

    From Bazaar to Bourse

    On 20th May 2019, the Shana news agency reported that NIOC on the instructions of the Ministry of Petroleum will undertake, pursuant to the current Iranian year budget law, a sales programme of six million barrels per month of Iranian Light and Heavy Crude Oil and Iranian gas condensates on the IRENEX exchange platform. These sales will be priced in US dollars against UK Brent/BFOE (BWave) and Dubai US $ price benchmarks. I am unaware of any reason why this programme should be any more successful than the last, but it is possible that potential buyers have been discreetly found who are willing and able to buy this material.

  • Sheikh Zakzaky 2019-05-21 11:52

    By Ammar Muhammad Rajab

    How Sheikh Zakzaky distributes foodstuffs to the needy for fasting for the past 20 years        

    NIGERIA/ ABUJA - The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has distributed foodstuffs worth millions of naira to the needy on the occasion of this year’s fasting season to help mitigate the suffering of the poor and the needy in Zaria as it have been his tradition. The distribution started on Saturday the 29 Sha’aban 1440, which is equivalent to 4/5/2019 and ended on 1st Ramadan.

  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 2019-05-20 10:54

    By Fatemeh Salehi

    Capturing Al-Baghdadi: West new pretext to plunder Libya oil 

    TEHRAN - These days we see many news on media about ISIS activities all around Libya. However, such news can take on a new meaning, if we look at them in light of recent unrest in Tripoli. 

  • U.S. faking insecurity in Iraq: New strategy to push Baghdad into compliance  2019-05-19 12:48

    By Ramin Hosein Abadian

    U.S. faking insecurity in Iraq: New strategy to push Baghdad into compliance 

    TEHRAN - Apparently, U.S. government is not going to end its suspicious and hostile actions in Iraq anytime soon. These activities have been rapidly increasing over the last five months, intensifying pressure on Iraq into yielding to the White House demands. 

  • Whether more U.S. sparked chaos or real accord is the question that haunts the world 2019-05-18 13:01

    By Martin Love

    Whether more U.S. sparked chaos or real accord is the question that haunts the world

    NORTH CAROLINA - Iran’s leaders, Iran’s many friends and the people of Iran well know what is afoot right now with the Trump Administration, with John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, and with at least some members of the U.S. Congress and with other Neocons in D.C. “think tanks” and their various institutions.

  • Yemen drone capabilities 2019-05-17 13:28

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    Yemen drone capabilities turn the tide in the war

    TEHRAN - Yemeni sources reported of extensive military operations against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. 

  • U.S. officials 2019-05-15 11:06

    By Yuram Abdullah Weiler

    Upping the Ante: U.S. officials threaten Iran...again

    “The United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or regular Iranian forces.” —John Bolton

  • Fujairah  port 2019-05-14 10:59

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    Fujairah explosions, from denial to security scandal

    TEHRAN – While Abu Dhabi initially denied the Fujairah explosions on Sunday, the country had to reveal the truth only in a matter of hours and acknowledge the security gap behind the incident.

  • Donald Trump 2019-05-11 11:07

    By Martin Love

    Trump’s “Threat” Administration is a one trick pony so far

    The Trump Administration ought to be renamed “The Threat Administration”. Even the so-called “special relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K. has been threatened simply because the Brits seem to want to buy top of the line Chinese 5G Huawei broadband technology. In fact, it’s not hard to get the impression that Trump and his foreign policy team, Bolton and Pompeo especially, are now bouncing off the bloody walls of the White House of late frustrated by their own failures so far and beginning to bump in to each other.

  • Ramadan 2019-05-11 10:26

    By Yusuf Abdullah 

    Al-Taqwa (Piety): The ultimate goal of Ramadan

    NIGERIA/ KANO -  In the name of Allah who states “Ramadan is the month In which was sent down The Qur’an, as a guide To mankind, also clear Signs For guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong), So everyone of You Who is present (at his home) During that month should spend it in fasting …” Q2:185 

  • Shair Abbas Kazemi 2019-05-10 12:10

    By Shair Abbas Kazemi

    Pakistan’s missing - Did they vanish into thin air?

    In Imran Khan’s much-hyped ‘Naya Pakistan’ (New Pakistan), the same old stories of pain, loss and hopelessness continue to dominate the national discourse. 

  • Syria 2019-05-06 11:27

    By Rouhollah Ghasemian 

    Countdown to a full-scale battle in Idlib 

    TEHRAN - Damascus is now ready to take back the Syrian city of Idlib and start moving toward the east of Euphrates River to regain the control of that region as well. 

  • Imrana Sheme Umar 2019-05-05 10:51

    By Imrana Sheme Umar

    United states of Africa for the great good

    Nigeria/ Katsina - The first come in mind is the border, religious sects, tribalism, language diversity, political affiliation, and other potential conflicts. Just by so mentioning “United States of Africa”. Let take a look at the current situation of our country individually in more details;

  • U.S. undermines itself clinging to hegemonic notions 2019-05-04 10:10

    By Martin Love

    U.S. undermines itself clinging to hegemonic notions

    NORTH CAROLINA - Anyone looking at Iran from afar could presume conditions have not been worse in the past 30 plus years, or since the end of the Iraq-Iran war, a war which never would have occurred if the U.S. had not urged Saddam Hussain on and given him chemical weapons. Little did Saddam know that in a few more years he would be hung by the Americans after the U.S. military had killed hundreds of thousands of his countrymen and destroyed much of Iraq’s infrastructure. 

  • U.S. hostile military activities in Iraq 2019-05-01 10:24

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    U.S. hostile military activities in Iraq

    TEHRAN - It seems that U.S. hostile military operations and futile activities in Iraq is not going to end anytime soon. U.S. troops recently launched a new aggressive military operation in Iraq by attacking the headquarters of Iraq security forces in Kirkuk. 

  • Saudi-U.S. nuclear hypocrisy exposed 2019-04-30 12:17

    By Mudasir Sheikh

    Saudi-U.S. nuclear hypocrisy exposed

    KASHMIR - According to author and radio host, Harvey Wasserman, U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent decision to infuse $3.7 billion dollars into Vogtle nuclear power plants is a criminal act. 

  • How Al Saud and Al Khalifa manipulate Formula One and Hajj pilgrimage? 2019-04-29 11:09

    By Fatemeh Salehi

    How Al Saud and Al Khalifa manipulate Formula One and Hajj pilgrimage?

    TEHRAN - Al Saud and Al Khalifa regimes are trying to abuse the Hajj Pilgrimage and the Formula One motor race to their own benefit. 

  • Raghib Hussain 2019-04-28 11:50

    By Raghib Hussain

    Khan’s Iran visit significant on many counts

    TEHRAN - Pakistan premier Imran Khan’s maiden official visit to Iran was tremendously successful and marked a significant shift in relations between the two neighbors, especially after recent turn of events. 

  • UK 2019-04-27 10:29

    By Hanif Ghaffari 

    London has no political independence!

    TEHRAN - UK's support for anti-Iran policies has led to hatred and anger of Iran from London. Britain has not only done little to maintain a nuclear deal with Iran, but also fully agrees with the anti-Iranian policies of the Tramp government in Washington.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump 2019-04-25 00:35

    By Martin Love

    The U.S under Trump and his crazed Neocons aim to tyrannize the entire world

    NORTH CAROLINA - In the broadest sense, without all the nuances and other information, this is how things stand very basically regarding the United States:

  • Rooholamin Saeidi  2019-04-23 13:29

    By Rooholamin Saeidi 

    Reproduction of racism in the West

    TEHRAN - The terrorist attack which took place in New Zealand was a tragedy that unfortunately has been epidemic in the world and we witness different examples of it all over the globe occasionally. But once again it revealed the hypocritical, discriminatory and unfair Western governments’ treatment of other nations.

  • Trump 2019-04-22 12:52

    By Martin Love

    Trump’s one opportunity left to survive with any positive legacy: dumping his Neocon, Zionist advisors

    NORTH CAROLINA - Well, for sure, the designation by Trump of the IRGC as a “terrorist” organization is a foolish move, but not Iran’s tit for tat response to it – designating the same for the U.S. central military command, or CENTCOM. This all can mostly present a warning for the remaining 5000 U.S. soldiers and diplomats in Iraq and the 2000 or so still lingering in Syria.

  • Setting the ground for the ‘savior’ of humanity 2019-04-22 10:32

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Setting the ground for the ‘savior’ of humanity

    TEHRAN - The idea of a messiah or savior or redeemer is common to all religious schools of thought, including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity. 

  • Shair Abbas Kazemi 2019-04-16 10:51

    By Shair Abbas Kazemi

    Hazara genocide in Pakistan must stop

    ISLAMABAD - In the killing fields of Pakistan, the bloodletting of Hazara Shias continues unabated. In a latest incident, on Friday morning, a massive blast ripped through a crowded market in Hazara-populated neighborhood of Quetta city, killing at least 20 people, majority of them Hazara Shias.

  • Odds stacked against Modi in India elections 2019-04-14 12:23

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Odds stacked against Modi in India elections

    After the political razzmatazz of many weeks, general election is finally underway in India, ballyhooed as the ‘largest democratic exercise in the world’. 

  • After another deadly attack, Pakistani Hazara community demands security 2019-04-14 12:10

    By Ruhollah Ghasemian

    After another deadly attack, Pakistani Hazara community demands security

    TEHRAN - The persecution of minority ethnic Hazara community continues in Pakistan with another heinous attack claiming many precious lives, including women and children.