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  • Saudi-U.S. nuclear hypocrisy exposed 2019-04-30 12:17

    By Mudasir Sheikh

    Saudi-U.S. nuclear hypocrisy exposed

    KASHMIR - According to author and radio host, Harvey Wasserman, U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent decision to infuse $3.7 billion dollars into Vogtle nuclear power plants is a criminal act. 

  • How Al Saud and Al Khalifa manipulate Formula One and Hajj pilgrimage? 2019-04-29 11:09

    By Fatemeh Salehi

    How Al Saud and Al Khalifa manipulate Formula One and Hajj pilgrimage?

    TEHRAN - Al Saud and Al Khalifa regimes are trying to abuse the Hajj Pilgrimage and the Formula One motor race to their own benefit. 

  • Raghib Hussain 2019-04-28 11:50

    By Raghib Hussain

    Khan’s Iran visit significant on many counts

    TEHRAN - Pakistan premier Imran Khan’s maiden official visit to Iran was tremendously successful and marked a significant shift in relations between the two neighbors, especially after recent turn of events. 

  • UK 2019-04-27 10:29

    By Hanif Ghaffari 

    London has no political independence!

    TEHRAN - UK's support for anti-Iran policies has led to hatred and anger of Iran from London. Britain has not only done little to maintain a nuclear deal with Iran, but also fully agrees with the anti-Iranian policies of the Tramp government in Washington.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump 2019-04-25 00:35

    By Martin Love

    The U.S under Trump and his crazed Neocons aim to tyrannize the entire world

    NORTH CAROLINA - In the broadest sense, without all the nuances and other information, this is how things stand very basically regarding the United States:

  • Rooholamin Saeidi  2019-04-23 13:29

    By Rooholamin Saeidi 

    Reproduction of racism in the West

    TEHRAN - The terrorist attack which took place in New Zealand was a tragedy that unfortunately has been epidemic in the world and we witness different examples of it all over the globe occasionally. But once again it revealed the hypocritical, discriminatory and unfair Western governments’ treatment of other nations.

  • Trump 2019-04-22 12:52

    By Martin Love

    Trump’s one opportunity left to survive with any positive legacy: dumping his Neocon, Zionist advisors

    NORTH CAROLINA - Well, for sure, the designation by Trump of the IRGC as a “terrorist” organization is a foolish move, but not Iran’s tit for tat response to it – designating the same for the U.S. central military command, or CENTCOM. This all can mostly present a warning for the remaining 5000 U.S. soldiers and diplomats in Iraq and the 2000 or so still lingering in Syria.

  • Setting the ground for the ‘savior’ of humanity 2019-04-22 10:32

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Setting the ground for the ‘savior’ of humanity

    TEHRAN - The idea of a messiah or savior or redeemer is common to all religious schools of thought, including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity. 

  • Shair Abbas Kazemi 2019-04-16 10:51

    By Shair Abbas Kazemi

    Hazara genocide in Pakistan must stop

    ISLAMABAD - In the killing fields of Pakistan, the bloodletting of Hazara Shias continues unabated. In a latest incident, on Friday morning, a massive blast ripped through a crowded market in Hazara-populated neighborhood of Quetta city, killing at least 20 people, majority of them Hazara Shias.

  • Odds stacked against Modi in India elections 2019-04-14 12:23

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Odds stacked against Modi in India elections

    After the political razzmatazz of many weeks, general election is finally underway in India, ballyhooed as the ‘largest democratic exercise in the world’. 

  • After another deadly attack, Pakistani Hazara community demands security 2019-04-14 12:10

    By Ruhollah Ghasemian

    After another deadly attack, Pakistani Hazara community demands security

    TEHRAN - The persecution of minority ethnic Hazara community continues in Pakistan with another heinous attack claiming many precious lives, including women and children.

  • Sheikh Zakzaky 2019-04-12 12:49

    By Abdulmumin Giwa

    Revelation: Why Buhari is illegally detaining Sheikh Zakzaky

    NIGERIA / ZARIA KADUNA - The revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has been in illegal detention under the Muhammadu Buhari regime since its inception.

  • Trump 2019-04-08 15:31

    By Martin Love

    The aggravation of Trump’s lack of vision is the world’s burden

    NORTH CAROLINA - Now that Americans have been informed that the Mueller report conclusions investigating alleged collusion between Trump and minions and the Russians was little more than conspiracy pornography concocted by Obama and Clinton and by those who were appalled that Trump won the election in 2016, the Republicans and Trump may breathe a sigh of relief for a short while, but no one else can.

  • Joe Biden 2019-04-07 10:18

    By Hanif Ghaffari 

    Biden's troubles in the presidential election

    TEHRAN - Undoubtedly, former Vice President Joe Biden is one of the famous Democrat candidates in the 2020 presidential election. Biden has not yet announced his official appearance in the upcoming presidential election. However, there seems to be some hurdles in front of Biden - obstacles that Biden might not be able to overcome.

  • Trump 2019-04-06 11:17

    By Martin Love

    Pity any nation that has veered from the moral messages of Islam or Christianity

    NORTH CAROLINA - Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 99, and apparently still alive, is an American poet and publisher of books who got his start as an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina, where he majored in journalism and went on to a notable career as both a writer and painter.

  • Imam Ali (AS) 2019-03-19 09:17

    By Yusuf Abdullah

    Imam Ali (AS): The great and most oppressed companion.

    NIGERIA/ KANO - Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His chosen servant, our master Muhammad and his pure purified progeny.

  • Christchurch shooting is ‘white supremacist terrorism’ 2019/03/17

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Christchurch shooting is ‘white supremacist terrorism’

    TEHRAN - Islamophobia is not a cock and bull story or a figment of some fiction writer’s imagination. It is a disturbing reality unfolding before our eyes, almost everywhere.

  • The whole Islamic world is guilty 2019-03-16 10:56

    By Sarbaz Roohulla Rezvi

    The whole Islamic world is guilty

    TEHRAN - The horrible images massacre of Al-Noor mosque of Christchurch that shocked us all, were of course delightful for some. Right-wing movements from the divinator United states of America to the black heart of the green continent, from French white fascists to Anti-non-semitic Zionists, from RSS Hindus in Saffron dresses to extremist Buddhists of Rakhine, all have watched those images again and again ridiculing those frivolous Muslims drumming the beats of Arab-Ajam, Kurd-Turk, Shia-Sunni differences.

  • Taliban, U.S. fail to find common ground 2019-03-13 21:50

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Taliban, U.S. fail to find common ground

    TEHRAN - The marathon fifth round of negotiations between the U.S. and Afghan Taliban officials in Doha, which lasted 16 long days, ended on Tuesday without any breakthrough.

  • A wild theory about Trump is a sign of natural despair and desperation 2019-03-13 11:14

    By Martin Love

    A wild theory about Trump is a sign of natural despair and desperation

    NORTH CAROLINA - Donald Trump is more than halfway through his first term and (insha’a Allah) last term as U.S. President and by most sane accounts he’s been a looming disaster so far -- a disaster that remains mostly prospective because of things already done and decided and which await some kind of unpleasant denouement.

  • Human rights and democracy in U.S. is questionable  2019-03-12 10:36

    By Heshmatollah Rahnama 

    Human rights and democracy in U.S. is questionable 

    TEHRAN - Ever since the rise of the Islamic Republic four decades ago, Iran has been under severe United States media attack, sanctions and threats. 

  • Iran-Pakistan 2019-03-12 09:54

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Iran wants Pakistan to walk the talk on terror

    TEHRAN - Imran Khan, the populist premier of Pakistan, created flutter when he assumed power following his party’s landslide victory in general election late last year.

  • Damir Nazarov 2019-03-11 10:36

    By Damir Nazarov 

    Zionism is disturbed by the pro-Iranian Iraq

    WEST SIBERIA/ TYUMEN - At the beginning of February 2019, military intelligence of the Zionist colony (Aman) stated that allegedly "the Islamic Republic of Iran is creating military bases in Iraq." At the same time, the local newspaper "Jerusalem Post" writes that “the desire to block Iran’s ground route to Syria and Lebanon changes Iraq into the arena of a possible attack on the part of Israel.”

  • Netanyahu 2019/03/09

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Netanyahu’s political honeymoon over

    TEHRAN _With just a month to go until general elections in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s legal troubles have compounded, making his re-election bid difficult.

  • Hezbollah a national resistance not a terrorist organisation 2019-03-09 10:04

    By Sondoos Alasaad

    Hezbollah a national resistance not a terrorist organisation

    BEIRUT - The British government said on Monday it plans to ban all wings of the Lebanese Resistance, aka Hezbollah "due to its destabilising influence in the Middle East," classing it as a 'terrorist organisation.'

  • India’s war-crazy TV media stoops to new low 2019/03/06

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    India’s war-crazy TV media stoops to new low

    TEHRAN - Truth is the first casualty of war, said Greek playwright Aeschylus. The phrase has been interminably used to explain and contextualize the gross misrepresentation of facts in the event of war.

  • Muslims can be proud of Omar and Tlaib in the U.S. Congress 2019-03-06 11:51

    By Martin Love

    Muslims can be proud of Omar and Tlaib in the U.S. Congress

    NORTH CAROLINA - Muslims worldwide can be proud that the most courageous and quite possibly, with tremendous luck and time, the most effective U.S. Congressional representative in years may turn out to be Ilhan Omar who won election from a district in Minnesota last November. And it is all about remarkable courage, something that even her detractors must eventually recognize -- as it is human nature to recognize real courage when it is so evident.

  • Humanitarian assistance or military intervention in Haiti 2019-03-04 11:16

    By Heshmatollah Rahnama

    Humanitarian assistance or military intervention in Haiti

    TEHRAN - During eighteenth century, France created a powerful export economy based upon slavery in Haiti. In 1730, the population of the Caribbean country was about 83 thousand and in 1789 there were more than 500 thousand people, of whom 450 thousand were slaves. Due to massive mortality and low birth rates among the slaves, France saved one million slave from Africa to Haiti between 1750 and 1789 to maintain their populations. In 1789, Haiti produced three quarters of the world's sugar.

  • Modi-Khan 2019/03/03

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Khan outmaneuvers Modi with his statesmanship

    TEHRAN - It appears that better sense has prevailed between the two warring South Asian neighbors – India and Pakistan – with military belligerence coming to a halt, at least for now.

  • Deal of the century: U.S. in pursuit of Arab carte blanche 2019-03-02 11:50

    By Fatemeh Salehi

    Deal of the century: U.S. in pursuit of Arab carte blanche

    TEHRAN - Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and senior adviser, and Jason Greenblatt, Trump's Middle East envoy, have once again embarked on a journey to the Middle East and Arab countries in order push the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan on what is called the “deal of the century”.