Chazabeh Border


  • Border 2020-09-12 12:17

    Trade via Chazabeh border to be conducted on all weekdays

    TEHRAN- Activity in Chazabeh border between Iran and Iraq will be running in all days of the week as of Saturday, the spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) announced.

  • Chazabeh 2020-09-05 12:12

    Trade between Iran, Iraq rising via Chazabeh border

    TEHRAN- Despite high customs duties enforced by Iraq, trade between Iran and Iraq is rising via Chazabeh border, an Iranian provincial official told IRNA on Friday.

  • Chazabeh 2020-07-26 15:28

    Chazabeh border with Iraq may be reopened this week or next week

    TEHRAN- Reopening of Iran’s Chazabeh border with Iraq, which was due to be on July 23, maybe done this [Iranian calendar] week (which ends on Friday), or next week, Iranian Customs Administration spokesman Rouhollah Latifi announced on Sunday.

  • Iran-Iraq border 2020-07-21 15:10

    Chazabeh Border with Iraq to be reopened on Thursday

    TEHRAN- Iran’s Chazabeh Border with Iraq will be reopened on Thursday, a local official in Iranian southwestern Khuzestan Province announced. Governor of Dasht-e Azadegan County Hamid Sielavi said that transit of commodities will be resumed through Chazabeh Border as of July 23, after a five-month lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, IRNA reported.