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  • Media 2019-04-27 10:16

    By Alan Macleod 

    Dictator: Media code for ‘Government we don’t like’

    FAIR - Let’s start with a quiz: Quick! Name some dictators! I’m willing to bet most of you responded with just a few of the same names: Assad, Putin, Castro, Kim Jong-un, Gaddafi, Maduro. This is not because they are the only dictators in the world (far from it), or that all of them even necessarily qualify for the title, but precisely because these are the figures most constantly labeled as such by our media.

  • ‘Castros are indispensable part of Cuban history’ 2018-04-22 08:28

    ‘Castros are indispensable part of Cuban history’

    TEHRAN – Havana’s ambassador to Tehran says the Castros are an “indispensable” part of the Cuban history.

  • فیدل کاسترو 2016-1926 2017-11-27 11:32

    By Alexis Bandrich Vega, Cuban ambassador 

    Fidel left us the banner of resistance

    With deep pain, but with unwavering firmness and loyalty to his legacy, millions of Cubans and friends of the world today commemorate the first anniversary of the physical disappearance of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

  • North Korea 2017-05-08 09:33

    By Ewen MacAskill

    The CIA and its long history of killing worldwide leaders

    Some of the most notorious of the CIA’s operations to kill world leaders were those targeting the late Cuban president, Fidel Castro.

  • Gorbachev 2017-01-03 04:08

    By Eric Walberg

    Glasnost 1988: Historic moment for Iran and Russia

    On January 1, 1988, just a year and a half before he passed away on June 3, 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini made a historic move, reaching out the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, in a gesture of anti-imperialist solidarity, despite the long hiatus in relations with communist Russia. This was at a time of war against Iraq and continued subversion of Iran by the U.S. and Israel. He sent President Gorbachev his only written message to a foreign leader.

  • Iran deal 2016-12-31 20:53

    Key events in 2016

    In many ways, 2016 was a year of extremes. The world saw a massive wave of political change and natural catastrophes. As the year 2016 comes to an end, here’s a look back at the major headlines and events.

  • آرشین ادیب مقدم 2016-12-03 09:42

    By Javad Heirannia

    Castro was amazingly successful in instituting functioning system: professor 

    TEHRAN – Professor Arshin Adib Moghaddam says Fidel Castro succeeded to establish a functioning ruling system, especially in the health sector.

  • zarif 2016-11-28 20:29

    Castro death is ‘tragedy’ for liberation movements, Zarif says

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that death of Fidel Castro, the legendary leader of the Cuban revolution, is a “tragedy” for the liberation movements, especially in Latin America.

  •  Iran’s Zarif pays tribute to late Cuban leader Fidel Castro 2016-11-28 18:51

     Iran’s Zarif pays tribute to late Cuban leader Fidel Castro

    TEHRAN – Days after Fidel Castro, former leader of Cuba, died at the age of 90, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif visited Cuba's embassy on November 28 in Tehran, paying homage to the revolutionary figure.  "Commander Fidel’s struggles against imperial powers will live on in history forever,” Zarif wrote on the guest book. 

  • Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Fidel Castro 2016-11-28 15:18

    Fidel Castro, a leader who relied on his people and they admired him: Ayatollah Khamenei

    The Cuban government has some problems, but it relatively relies on the people to resolve those problems; and it has fought against arrogant powers by relying on the support of its people. Thus, the Cuban government came into power with the people's approval. I have talked extensively to Fidel Castro--in person. He has a character that makes him popular among the people. The reason why the arrogant powers haven't managed to overthrow him is due to his trust in his people.

  • 95863447_Fidel_Castro_who_claims_that_he_will_die_soon-xlarge_trans++eo_i_u9APj8RuoebjoAHt0k9u7HhRJvuo-ZLenGRumA.jpg 2016-11-28 13:36

    Iranian delegation to attend Castro funeral 

    TEHRAN – A high-ranking political delegation from Iran will visit Cuba to say farewell to the deceased leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro.

  • ظریف 2016-11-26 16:43

    Zarif: Castro was exemplary in fight against colonialism

    TEHRAN – In a message on Saturday the Iranian foreign minister offered condolences over the death of Fidel Castro, remembering him as a unique figure in the campaign against colonialism.

  • Fidel Castro 2016-11-26 09:21

    Cuba’s Fidel Castro dies

    TEHRAN - The legendary leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, has died, Cuban state television has announced. He was 90.

  • Hassan Rouhani, Fidel Castro 2016-09-20 17:32

    Rouhani meets Fidel Castro, calls Iran, Cuba symbols of resistance

    TEHRAN – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani held talks on Monday with Fidel Castro in Havana, where he called Iran and Cuba symbols of resistance against the “strictest sanctions”.

  • 2001-07-25 00:00

    Hassan Khomeini Arrives in Cuba