Iran’s sanctions


  • Iran's Sanctions 2021-03-13 19:17

    By: Azin Sahabi

    Lifting sanctions: A bridge too far

    Given the determinant role of the U.S. Congress in grand strategic policy-making, any nuclear agreement with Iran is not obligatory unless it is approved by the American legislative body.

  • Richard Nephew 2019-12-18 14:53

    By Javad Heirannia

    Changing label of Iran’s sanctions to make it harder to remove sanctions: Nephew

    TEHRAN –Richard Nephew, who served as the lead sanctions expert for the US team negotiating with Iran, is of the opinion that “It is true that this is the Trump Administration's intention: to make it much harder to remove the sanctions in the future because now entities and individuals are considered "terrorists" in addition to "proliferators".”