Iran-S. Korea


  • Iran-Korea 2020-07-17 14:24

    ‘S. Korea’s current approach toward Iran will impact future relations’

    TEHRAN – Former director-general of Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s East Asia Department has said that South Korea’s refusal for releasing Iranian money which is blocked in the Asian country due to the U.S. sanctions will negatively affect the two countries’ future relations.

  • Iran oil 2019-04-23 21:41

    S. Korea to continue negotiations with U.S. over Iran sanctions

    TEHRAN- Following the U.S. announcement on Monday regarding the end of exemptions from sanctions on Iranian oil imports, South Korean foreign ministry said in a statement that the government has been negotiating with the U.S. at all levels to extend the waiver, and that it will continue to make every effort to reflect Seoul's position until the May deadline.