Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini


  • Mohammad Hosseini 2022-05-17 21:34

    VP calls Raisi’s upcoming visit to Oman strategically important

    TEHRAN — Iran’s vice president for parliamentary affairs says the planned visit by President Ebrahim Raisi to Oman is “strategically important”, saying it is in line with Iran’s “good neighborliness” policy.

  • Mohammad Hosseini 2021-12-04 23:25

    VP: Report on 100-day performance of administration will be published soon

    TEHRAN— In a meeting on Saturday morning with Hassan Alidadi Soleimani, representative of the Leader in Kerman, Vice President Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini stated that the capacities of the provinces have been included in this Iranian year's budget, noting there was an effort that budget distribution should be based on justice.