The International Crisis Group (ICG)


  • Harvard 2021-02-21 11:49

    By Azin Sahabi

    Think tanks: Who should take the first step to revive the JCPOA?

    TEHRAN- While President Joe Biden and his close circle reiterate Washington's interest to rejoin the JCPOA, many Western experts have been underling the lack of a particular agenda to address the issue. However, reviewing policy notes published over the last two weeks by American think tanks may imply that the broader agenda will be gradually disclosed.

  • Biden 2021-02-13 11:29

    By Azin Sahabi

    Biden, listen please 

    TEHRAN - In several recommendations, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the International Crisis Group (ICG), as two U.S. top think tanks, have elaborated on some building blocks and stumbling stones that Joe Biden faces in fulfilling his foreign policy objectives.

  • he International Crisis Group (ICG) 2021/02/02

    By Azin Sahabi

    Crisis Group recommends  how to revive the JCPOA

    TEHRAN- The International Crisis Group (ICG), also known as the Crisis Group, is a transnational think tank run by policymakers and academics. It conducts research and analysis on global crises. The ICG has described itself as "working to prevent wars and shape policies that will build a more peaceful world."