medical terrorism


  • روحانی 2020-04-01 19:37

    Rouhani: U.S. lost historic opportunity to review wrong Iran approach

    TEHRAN - President Rouhani told a cabinet meeting on Wednesday that the U.S. missed the “best historic opportunity” to rectify its mistakes by lifting illegal sanctions against Iran which is hit hard by the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

  • medical terrorism 2020-03-29 20:13

    FM Zarif urges the world not to obey immoral and illegal sanctions on Iran

    Zarif: U.S. moves against Iran ‘even exceed what would be permissible on the battlefield’

    TEHRAN - Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that the U.S. “economic terrorism” on Iran has been expanding to the new level of “medical terrorism” which is not even permissible on the battlefield.

  • Zarif 2020-03-15 13:51

    ‘It is immoral to let a bully kill innocents,’ Zarif says of Trump’s sanctions on Iran

    TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday that President Hassan Rouhani's letter to his counterparts was a warning that the U.S. sanctions is not only putting Iranians' life in danger but also will pave the ground for a faster spread of COVID-19 to other countries.

  • Iran Sanctoins and Cronoavirus 2020-03-12 09:53

    * By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Iran’s special situation in coronavirus crisis

    TEHRAN - While the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, had become the main subject of the world’s media outlets, the Iranian Ministry of Health have engineered comprehensive plans to counter a possible spread of the virus in Iran. It begun its job by restricting travels to China and getting prepared for the outbreak inside the country.

  • Zarif 2020-03-08 13:52

    U.S. sanctions against Iran is ‘medical terrorism’: Zarif

    TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, on his official Twitter on Saturday, lashed out at U.S. President Donald Trump for intensifying unilateral sanctions on Tehran amid COVID-19 outbreak across the country, noting that the move is nothing but “medical terrorism.