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  • People are snow tubing on the hills in Ardebil, northwest Iran, in February 2017 (Photo by Mohammad Zare/ IRNA) 2018-09-12 23:50

    Will at last students have winter break or not?

    TEHRAN — While Iran tourism chief Ali-Asghar Mounesan announced on Sunday that students can enjoy a 5-day winter break this school year (starting on September 23) officials at the supreme council of education and members of the parliament have voiced their disagreements.

  • A school boy in Tehran is wearing a face mask to protect himself against air pollution 2018-05-21 11:05

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    The challenge of setting a school start date

    TEHRAN — While the current school year is still underway and students are preparing themselves for final exams Education Ministry is dealing with a not very new issue: altering school calendar for the next school year.

  • Education Ministry devising plans to alter school calendar 2018-05-19 04:47

    Education Ministry devising plans to alter school calendar

    TEHRAN — The plan to alter school calendar is being drawn up and will be prepared prior to the new school year (starting on September 23), Education Minister Mohammad Bat'haei said on Wednesday.

  • Reinventing the wheel: Altering school breaks 2018/01/08

    By Setareh Behroozi

    Reinventing the wheel: Altering school breaks

    The consistent air pollution disrupting the lives of citizens of metropolises in Iran during recent months has made officials to reappraise the idea of altering academic calendar for schools in some parts of the country.

  • air pollution 2017-01-11 17:49

    Altering school calendar, an escape route from air pollution

    TEHRAN — The persistent air pollution in metropolises of Iran has lately urged officials to discuss the possibility of altering school calendar.