Fate of Sadr Unknown due to Negligence: Chamran

September 2, 2003
TEHRAN (Mehr News Agency)— The chairman of the Chamran Association, Mahdi Chamran, said here on Monday that the fate of Imam Musa Sadr, who disappeared 25 years ago, has not been discovered due to negligence.

Speaking on the 25th anniversary of the disappearance of prominent Lebanese cleric and former leader of southern Lebanon Shias, Imam Musa Sadr, he said that efforts to liberate Imam Musa Sadr have been inadequate.

Speaking at a meeting on “Imam Musa Sadr, Practical Ways to Release Him" at the Belal Mosque of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), he asked: "Why was the Libyan government forced to accept international regulations in similar cases? Why was Libya accused of the plane crash in Lockerbie, while no measure has yet been taken for the release of Imam Musa Sadr?" he asked.

Chamran, who is also head of Tehran City Council called on international organizations to pursue this issue.

He expressed gratitude to President Khatami for his efforts to follow up the liberation of Imam Musa Sadr and called on diplomatic system to take further measures toward the issue.

Chamran said that the relation between Iran and Libya has extremely downgraded.

"Conducting a major effort toward this case with the support of international organizations will forces Libya to give in and help us come up to an appropriate resolution after 25 years," he said.

Chamran criticized Foreign Ministry for its failure in following up the case and stressed that the Libyan government is responsible for the safety of the Lebanese Shia leader, Imam Musa Sadr, and should take charge of the issue.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Chamran praised Sadr's morality, saying that his disappearance left an empty space in the world of Islamic scholarship.

In the end, Chamran recited some hand-written blank verses from the late Mostafah Chamran in memory of Imam Musa Sadr.