Islamic media outlets pledge to reflect realities in occupied lands

May 3, 2007 - 0:0
DAMASCUS - The Third International Conference of Arab and Islamic Media to Support the Palestinian People ended its work by issuing a statement in the Syrian city of Qunaytirah on the slopes of the Golan Heights.

In the Golan Declaration, representatives of media outlets of the Islamic world condemned Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians and made a commitment to cover events in Palestine as their top stories.

Syrian Information Minister Muhsen Bilal delivered a speech in which he said, “Islamic media outlets should present the solutions necessary to help the Palestinian nation and reveal the criminal face of the Zionist regime,” the Tehran Times correspondent reported.

“In addition to occupying the lands of Muslims, Israel conducts state terrorism against Muslims, and the despotic regimes support this criminal regime,” the Syrian minister emphasized.

“Your presence, as media representatives, in Syria, just a short distance from the occupied Golan Heights, demonstrates the depth of the Islamic ummah’s unity in solidarity with the Palestinian people and support for their resistance to acquire their rights,” he told the participants.

On the last day of the three-day conference, the governor of Qunaytirah Governorate, Nawwaf al-Sheikh al-Fares, elaborated on the geographical situation of the Golan Heights and its occupation by Israel.

“What is more dangerous than the occupation of Muslims lands is (the fact that) a small group of Zionists dominate the world media,” he told journalists.

He also called on journalists to reflect a realistic picture of the situation in occupied Palestine and the Golan Heights.