Poland Lifts Suspension of Soccer Committee Right Before Deadline

August 11, 1998 - 0:0
WARSAW, Poland The sports minister reinstated Poland's soccer administrators late Friday after they agreed to an investigation into allegations of mismanagement, meeting a deadline set by the world and european soccer federations. FIFA and UEFA had refused to extend a midnight deadline for lifting suspensions on the Polish Football Association, which would mean that Polish teams could not take part in upcoming international competitions. At a news conference Saturday, Sports Minister Jacek Debski said he sent a fax to the world soccer group, FIFA, in Zurich, Switzerland 15 minutes before deadline informing them of lifting the suspensions, imposed in May. ``Conditions set by FIFA and UEFA were met and I don't see why those institutions would make decisions unfavorable for Polish soccer,'' said Debski. Polish Soccer Federation administrators agreed to a probe of mismanagement, due to begin on Monday, only a half an hour before the FIFA deadline, Debski said. The administrators had previously claimed they were independent of state controls and had refused to accept the Sports Ministry's appointment of a control board supervisor to examine their records. Debski said he now expects voluntary dismissal of soccer federation president Marian Dziurowicz, which would open the way for reforming Polish soccer. Poland's national team, which achieved successes in 1970s and early 1980s, has not qualified for soccer's World Cup since 1982. Debski blames administrators and soccer activists for corruption among players and referees, lack of training facilities and programs. (AP)