Iran expects U.S. to change its behavior in Iraq

July 31, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN - For the situation in Iraq to be remedied the U.S. should change its behavior in practice, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said on Monday.

Iran has clarified all its stances during the recent Iran-U.S. talks on Iraqi security, Hosseini stated.
“We are waiting for a change in the United States’ behavior and policies and we will make the future decision on this basis,” Hossein told a press conference.
“In these talks Iraq’s problems and their roots were discussed and emphasis was laid on our proposed solutions,” Hosseini said, adding that it would help strengthen Iraqi government if the United States put into practice what was suggested by Iran.
The criterion for a definitive judgment, however, would be tangible changes in the United States’ behavior, the spokesman said.
“Of course, at the initial steps we should not be expectant of significant progresses,” he observed.
“Bilateral talks are not currently the on agenda, and we have preferred to hold the negotiations in the presence of representatives from the Iraqi government,” he stated.
The Iranian and U.S. ambassadors to Baghdad held talks about Iraq’s security situation in Iraq on May 28. Iran and the United states held the second round of their talks on Iraq’s security situation in Baghdad on July 24.
Iran has always emphasized how important Iraq’s security is for the Islamic Republic, he stated, adding, “We told Americans that what is happening in Iraq today is a result of their wrong policies.”
On July 25, U.S. and Iraqi officials began to work on setting up a security panel with Iran to try to end Iraq's bloodshed.
""They'll talk to the Iraqis, who will then talk to the Iranians and we'll see how we proceed from there,"" a U.S. embassy spokesman has explained.
Currently one can not promote much hope in this security panel, Hosseini said