Iran’s missiles pose no threat to any country: defense minister

October 28, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said here on Saturday that Iranian missiles pose no threat to any country.

“Iranian missiles pose no threat to any country, and they will only come down on the heads of those who violate the territorial integrity of Iran,” Najjar told Defense Ministry Diplomatic Committee members at a meeting in the capital.
The defense capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are at the service of regional peace and can be regarded as a part of the Islamic world’s defense force, he added.
President Bush said recently that Iran’s missiles would pose a threat to the United States and Europe by 2015.
“Our intelligence community assesses that, with continued foreign assistance, Iran could develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States and all of Europe before 2015,” the defense minister said.
Bush’s statement was only a pretext for the plan to establish a U.S. missile shield in the Czech Republic, Najjar observed.
U.S. officials are also angry about the positive outcome of the recent gathering of Persian Gulf countries, which focused on establishing security in the region without the presence of foreign forces, he pointed out.
Elsewhere in his remarks, he stated that the United States’ decision to unilaterally impose sanctions on Iran is a sign of the U.S. government’s desperation.
“Such sanctions will only add to our determination to become more self-sufficient and united against enemy threats,” he asserted.
“Instead of concentrating on such propaganda and imposing sanctions and pressure on Iran, White House officials should respect the Iranian nation’s right to use this God-given energy,” he said in reference to Iran’s nuclear program.
The Europeans should also be on guard against the tricks of the warmongering U.S. government, he added