MEP: Return Iran N-case to IAEA

December 15, 2007

A German MEP voices opposition to imposing sanctions on Tehran, calling for removing Iran's nuclear dossier from Security Council agenda.

German politician and Member of the European Parliament, Tobias Pflueger, said that Iran's nuclear dossier should be returned from the UN Security Council to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Schwaebisches Tagblatt newspaper reported.
According to Pflueger, the publication of the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) by US spy agencies illustrates that Washington should not be allowed to make war preparations against the Islamic Republic.
White House officials and their allies continue to lobby against Tehran in a bid to gain support for imposing tougher sanctions on the Islamic Republic.
This is while the UN nuclear watchdog confirms the non-diversion of Iran's nuclear program. The NIE report released on December 3 confirms the IAEA findings. It states that Iran is not producing nuclear weapons.
(Source: Press TV)