Russia has no intention of quitting Iran’s arms market

December 22, 2007

TEHRAN (Itar-Tass) -- Russia has no intention of quitting the Iranian market of arms, the Chief Of the Federal Service for Military-Technological Cooperation, Mikhail Dmitriyev, told Itar-Tass in an interview after the 4th session of the Russian-Iranian inter-governmental commission.

“We are interested in exporting military hardware to foreign clients, including Iran, just as any other arms manufacturing country,” Dmitriyev said. “We wish to access world markets and to build up our own potential.”
“Iran is an integral part of the vast market of armaments, very crucial for Russia, and not only Russia. A struggle for Iran, both covert and overt, is underway, and we experience great competition. This is a very lucrative market and all countries are aware of that. We are in no mood quitting it, because getting back would be far harder.”