More Egyptians approve of Iran’s nuclear program now: expert

December 23, 2007

TEHRAN – Since the various reports on the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities were issued, more Egyptians approve of Tehran’s nuclear program, Cairo University Professor Amal Hamada has said.

Hamada also said Iran and Egypt can have nuclear cooperation within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
“The two countries can have extensive cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear activities,” Hamada told the Mehr News Agency in a recent interview.
Egypt’s stance is in favor of the Islamic Republic, said Hamada who is an expert on Iranian political affairs and lectures at the Political Science Department of Cairo University.
Egypt plans to restart its nuclear program soon.
Asked if the current level of relations between Tehran and Cairo would allow for such cooperation, Hamada said Iran and Egypt have reached a common understanding on the situation and therefore the ground is fertile for cooperation even without having the need to establish full diplomatic ties.
He said there are many international and regional hurdles in the path to reestablish ties between the two important countries in the Middle East.
“And we should not forget… the two sides are under foreign pressure,” he stated